Wyatt Stayed to Support American Manufacturing While Most Bike Companies Offshored

Designing and manufacturing high-end mountain bikes and fat bikes is what Wyatt Bicycles lives and breathes. Believing in building exceptional products only; ones that are built with pride and made to ride, just as their tag line says. They didn’t stop there though, they also took a look around and realized a trend taking place in the industry.

Owner Wyatt Hrudka says it like this, “Over the past two decades, offshoring has significantly impacted the bike industry. The majority of bike companies closed their American factories and outsourced their production to Asia chasing after cheaper labor and increased profits. During this time, bicycle manufacturers converted to just being another “bicycle brand” with a focus on their sales and marketing departments. They closed the doors to the behind-the-scenes manufacturing processes, hiding the fact that their bikes are made in the same factories as their competitors. You also have brands that use the terms “Made in the USA” or “Built in the USA”, when in actuality, they are merely installing parts on a frame that was made in another country.”

So Wyatt took Wyatt Bicycles a different route. As an American bike brand, he believes it is our responsibility to actually manufacture the frames in the USA from American-made tubing and support the American economy.

The belief is noble, however, it also brings challenges, manufacturing bicycle frames in the USA is very labor-intensive and costs significantly more. Keeping costs competitive was also a must.

Wyatt and his team didn’t let these hurdles stop them, they challenged themselves to get even more innovative. Coming up with the model of keeping the entire process of manufacturing Wyatt Bikes in house. Wyatt Hrudka comments, “we can keep our prices competitive by using lean manufacturing techniques and owning the entire manufacturing process.”

By having the design, manufacturing, and assembly process in-house, Wyatt Bicycles can innovate faster, and offer several customization options, all while making the greatest impact on the American economy by being Made in America.

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