Worldwide Drilling Resource Magazine’s Mission

The WorldWide Drilling Resource Magazine Mission is to serve the industry we have a lot of respect and admiration for – DRILLING – across the globe. WorldWide Drilling Resource Drilling Magazine brings the most up-to-date information, services, equipment, and technology to the forefront to enable you, whether you are a driller, supplier, distributor, or manufacturer, to perform your job with the least amount of effort possible with the best results. In addition, these magazine articles are a great resource for anyone working in the drilling industry – from the president to the clerk, it will aid you in your everyday work.


WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc., began as a dream of founder Veronica I. “Ronnie” Jones. She spent several years working in the industry representing prominent magazines and earned a reputation as a fair-minded, trustworthy individual with the drilling industry’s best interest at heart.

Her roles in magazines such as the former National Drillers Buyers Guide; National Ground Water’s Drilling Marketplace; and her own company, International Drillers’ Choice (as USA representative for Australasian Drilling and GeoDrilling International) were varied and gave her a broad grasp of the entire drilling industry.

Feeling a desire to help each area of drilling with a special magazine focusing on the drilling professional and their needs, she went forward with the help of several investors and incorporated WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. on September 3rd, 2003.

The company began with only three employees, no database of subscribers, no advertiser base, but many, many contacts from her years working with the wonderful people in the drilling industry. This was the gateway to the now over 40,000 subscribers who welcome WorldWide Drilling Resource® into their living rooms, offices, and rigs each month…Learn More

You can meet the WWDR team at Made in America 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky on October 1st-3rd!

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