World’s Fastest Bale Stacker is of course Made in Kansas

Manufacturers & Distributors of the world’s fastest self-propelled bale wagon, cube-line square bale wrappers, & baled biomass transport equipment. Here at Stinger, we are committed to providing YOU, the customer, with quality equipment for your haying operation. We build our products with efficiency, speed, durability, and affordability in mind. We understand what is most important to our customers is quality, reliability, and service. We have been committed to superior customer service since our inception in 1992 because our customers are the single most important part of our business.

We grew one piece at a time

It started as an idea to make handling hay easier on the Matlack farm in Burrton, KS. Over 22 years later, brothers Larry and Bill Matlack have more than 600 machines scattered from New York to California. And the company has gone from employing three people in 1992 to 24 today. “We grew one piece at a time,” Larry Matlack said, noting there are always risks and concern when someone ventures out and start a business. “But we initially had family support who believed in the idea and, soon after the sales began, we had support from our local bank.”

Stinger’s story is similar to other start-up ventures that span America. The brothers took an idea that worked for them and began marketing to others in the industry. “We showed the equipment to some individuals and friends in the western Kansas hay country,” he said, noting they told him they would buy one if the brothers could build it. “We decided to start building the project.” The family worked together to produce that first hay handling system “using scrap iron on the farm,” Larry Matlack said. They named it the Stinger for its bale forks that protruded beyond the front nose of the machine.

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