WIN Incredible Liberty Tabletop Flatware Set – Heirloom Quality


The Kensington pattern features an elegant and timeless scrolled design bringing grace and style to your tabletop. Created slightly larger than traditional American sizing, Kensington’s heavy weight and exceptional balance make it as practical as it is tasteful. The ornamental detail is beautifully crafted and is sure to appear exceptional with any décor.

Kensington – 45pc set with Hamilton Chest (Cherry)

Dinner Forks (8), Salad Forks (8), Place Spoons (8), Teaspoons (8), Dinner Knives (8), Butter Knives (1), Cold Meat Forks (1), Serving Spoons (1), Pierced Serving Spoons (1), Sugar Spoons (1), Flatware Chest (1)

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. your products are beautiful

  3. Pick me, pick me!!

  4. #MadeInAmerica #USA #USA #USA #BuyAmericanMade

    This set looks and sounds lovely. Love flatware that sits balanced and has weight.

    I wish y’all great success!

  5. I need to win this for my son who only buys made in

  6. Thanks for believing in ❤the Great USA!!

  7. Love it!

  8. This pattern would look good with my dishes.

  9. Thank you for all that you are, and for all that you do.

  10. A quality product.

  11. This is a gorgeous set. Would love to get a chance to win it!

  12. Hi

  13. So glad to see you’ve kept the old Oneida factory operational…good for you! Do you have a factory outlet store like Oneida used to?

  14. Awesome that your products are made in America.

  15. I’m so glad that silverware is made right here in Central NY the only place in the entire country instead of abroad. Keep up the good work.

  16. I want to win!!!!

  17. Your products are so beautiful.

  18. I love this pattern.

  19. wonderful
    Thank you

  20. haha I spelled my last lame wrong

  21. Bee u ti FULL

  22. Love the silverware!

  23. So glad to know something is still made in the USA. I love so many of your designs they’re beautiful.Do you have a store were the public can purchase your wears.

  24. Looks like a lovely Set of flatware

  25. awesome!

  26. Liberty flatwear is the best and is always made in the USA!! I started a set for my daughter, and now I hope to win one for myself.

  27. I would love to win this!

  28. Nice! Called in June for info on your flatware. Still drooling! (Had seen you on Fox re “Made in America” companies.)

  29. I bought a lovely flatware set from Liberty for my daughter’s family. She has been very pleased with it. If it can survive three little boys, it must be great!
    Eventually, I hope to buy a set for my other daughter. And maybe, some day for me.
    I really like buying American products so I was happy to find you.
    Can people stop by your company in N.Y.? To shop?
    Hopefully, the day will come when we can travel again.
    Thank you.

  30. We drove to NU to see your plant, but it was closed due to Covid. We loved the area you are located and were able to get my flatware set from a beautiful little store around the corner from you. I love the quality of your work and am looking forward to getting another set (or two).
    Thank you for providing good quality flatware made in the USA!

  31. Love your dinnerware…

  32. I love my Liberty Tabletop flatware!

  33. I have purchased in the past for a gift. Your tableware is beautiful and long lasting. My great-nephew loves it.

  34. Love these products!

  35. I have purchased 2 sets of Liberty silverware for grandchildren. Love made in USA.

  36. I already receive your emails, so you might want to check your list and not send duplicate emails.

  37. Would love to win this item.

  38. Using our new Woodstock set everyday and sent a baby/child set to our new born nephew! Proud to support the men and women that work so hard to give us the best of made in America.

  39. I want to win the flatware!

  40. I like that your flatware is made in America.

  41. Thanks

  42. looking for kitchenware not made in China.
    A real challenge those days

  43. Just bought the Richmond 72 piece set !
    Love it!!

  44. It’s hard to find quality products made in America. It’s great to support our workers her USA. Thank you

  45. Love my flatware, that I purchased this past year! We are so proud that it is made in the United States of America!

  46. I ordered a set recently because I wanted American made. I am so pleased with how beautiful it is. Thank you.

  47. Awesome! I love the tableware I purchase

  48. I love the tableware. Well balanced, cleans well.

  49. My family is trying to only buy items “Made in America”,
    from flag poles, automobiles, freezers to flatware! I purchased the Liberty service for 4 for Independence Day. My family loves it! I am going to purchase more of this beautiful patriotic pattern! It truly is a work of art! You offer a wide variety of beautiful patterns to choose from. I highly recommend your quality, well made flatware!

  50. Beautiful pattern!

  51. Would love to win the Liberty flatware set.

  52. really excited to own silverware made in the USA!

  53. Love made in usa

  54. I want ALL the patterns!!! They are so incredibly fabulous.

  55. Beautiful hope I win!

  56. Beautiful flatware design made in the USA. What more can you ask for!

  57. Love beautiful silver ware.

  58. I have a set and would love to win a set for my daughter.

  59. Love the Liberty USA made tableware. It looks beautiful on the table, easy to care for and made worthy of a US product.
    Proud to own.

  60. Love Made in America!

  61. I always wanted to have a nice set of flatware. On Mother’s Day I received a set from the most thoughtful and giving person. She is family by choice. I started babysitting her at six weeks old. I would love to nominate her for a set. She is a loving and caring person that was raised right along with our children. Many vacations she went with us. She really deserves a set.

  62. I love that you are a ‘made in America’ company!

  63. Love your company and products!!
    Sherri Thorne

  64. Love the flatware made in America!

  65. Would be interested in a contemporary floral pattern

  66. Saw you on Fox. Love your flatwear & pots

  67. Would be really nice to have a complete set along with the storage too. And the best part is made in the U S A!

  68. Made in America what more can you ask for: I now have 2 sets of silverware made by Liberty tabletop 1 for holidays and1 I use for everyday use. They are elegant<substantial and just the right weight in your hand. They wash beautifully and keep there shine. This silverware is just awesome. Would defiantly advise anyone looking for silverware to look no farther then Liberty tableware. This silverware will last a lifetime and you won’t be disappointed.
    I also purchased the soup and ice teaspoons and the 3 piece set for my Great Granddaughter. Love it all.

  69. Made in America what more can you ask for: I now have 2 sets of silverware made by Liberty tabletop 1 for holidays and1 I use for everyday use. They are elegant<substantial and just the right weight in your hand. They wash beautifully and keep there shine. This silverware is just awesome. Would defiantly advise anyone looking for silverware to look no farther then Liberty . This silverware will last a lifetime and you won’t be disappointed.
    I also purchased the soup and ice teaspoons and the 3 piece set for my Great Granddaughter. Love it all.

  70. Nice for my Granddaughter!

  71. Can’t wait to win!!

  72. Beautiful product

  73. Thanks for having this great contest. I really need a new set of silverware.

  74. I love my flatware!

  75. I love your Weave flatware! And I love that your products are Made in America!!!!

  76. I really appreciate your flatware! It is American-made, strong and elegant.

  77. I absolutely love your flatware and the fact that is made in America! I will never buy another brand and neither will my daughters:)

  78. So excited for a chance to win a beautiful made in America set of silverware!!
    Thanks so much for offering this gift!!

  79. good quality hardware

  80. Hi! Love your products- my dad worked an Oneida Ltd. fixing the machines that made the original Oneida silverware for over 40 years …

  81. I would love to win your beautiful flatware. I already have the flatware with flowers and love them.

  82. Would love to win this set. Never got a set when I married, and my husband is now deceased, but would love to win it, use it , and pass on to my sons!!

  83. Beautiful pattern. Would love this.

  84. Been using Liberty Tableware for several years. Purchased it at the New York State fair directly from the current owner. Love the product. I have purchased other pieces for gifts.

  85. This is a nice effort to promote Made In USA products. We redid our kitchen a few years ago and were able to purchase flatware, cabinets, and quartz counter tops all made in the USA. There might have been more items to be purchased from the USA but I did not have a forum to research. Would be helpful to organize items by use. This is a good idea.

  86. I have liberty flatwear I absolutely love it and I love that’s it’s made in the good ole U.S.A

  87. I have been saving to buy the Pearl flatware, not there yet. Buying American made is so important to me, as it should be to everyone. Your products are just beautiful! The Kensington is also lovely, not my first choice as a pattern, but I have a great niece who will be getting married next year (hopefully) and I would LOVE to be able to gift this to them.

  88. Bought my first liberty 45 piece set. Love it.

  89. Interested in buying additional pieces if I win. I want to support American made products.

  90. I love ❤️ the videos & beautiful products

  91. I love Liberty Tabletop. Been watching them for years! I’ve ordered a few things from them.

  92. Love Liberty AND ITS MADE IN AMERICA ❤️‼️

  93. This is a beautiful flatware. I love this pattern. It’s very well made and it will last a lifetime. I love that it’s made in the USA.

  94. Beautiful!!!

  95. I have purchased many items from your store which is made in America. They are made of pure stainless steel. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  96. HERR Enterprises is alway looking for products that are made in the USA to distribute to our customer base.

    Thank you

    Ed Herr

  97. I love supporting my country by purchasing American made products!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  98. Beautiful flat wear I usually do the whol nine yards at Christmas and set the table with China and silver really pretty

  99. Ready to win!

  100. Liberty Flatware is amazing! High quality and Made In America.

  101. Can this be purchased? How? How much?

  102. Love your products!!!

  103. We love your products! Surprised my wife with your holiday collection at Christmas! Love that your USA Made!!!

  104. Registration for flatware give away.
    Guess what? My last name is Sherrill!

  105. I love, love the set l purchased from you!!
    My son is getting ready to be married and this would be an outstanding set for a wedding set that would let them have a lifetime investment with investment with anytime they have a problem. Please make me proud to be America proud!!!!!!!

  106. Please see above reply, please!!!

  107. We buy things made in America when we can. We have the Celtic design and we love it. excellent quality for family or formal dinners.

  108. We absolutely Love our Liberty flatware set & so do our guests.

  109. Bought a small set of the Old Harbor design for my wife (who is nuts about nautical stuff). Incredible quality! She loves them and so do I.

  110. I would love to win the Liberty Flatware!! I need it also!!

  111. Your products are beautiful and very high quality because they are made in the USA.
    Thank you.

  112. I would love to have this silverware!

  113. Lovely

  114. This is beautiful flatware!

  115. After 47 years of marriage,I’ll keep the same Husband but really would like some new flatware!!! I love my little set of Skull design. Was meant for my daughter……..but I kept it!!!!!
    I absolutely love your story and that it’s made so close to home. Thank you to all of the Liberty Team.

  116. Beautiful. Would love to have

  117. Proud to support Made in America Products.

  118. I purchased a set of flat wear about a year ago and it is such good quality!

  119. this is a wonderful gift. I’d love to share this with my daughter

  120. When is the drawing?

  121. Love the flatware I purchased from you! Customer service was top notch and being made in the USA made it all perfect!! Thanks for a great product and super giveaway!

  122. My favorite set is the Modern America pattern.
    Their quality is what made the USA famous back in the day.
    We need marches with 50 thousand citizens demanding most products be USA MADE.
    Never say made in America as Canada to the bottom of So. America are ALL America remember North America ….Central America…and South America…..actually we/they are all Americans.
    It.s made in the U.S.A..

  123. Beautiful craftsmanship. My parents had a set (don’t know the name of the pattern) that was handed down to the first-born (alas, not me). I’d truly treasure a set.

  124. Quality and elegance

  125. I just want to buy it…How Much?

  126. Great workmanship!

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