Today, There are 500,000 Open Jobs in Manufacturing, Perks Being Added

Open Jobs In ManufacturingReporting by the WSJ shows open jobs due to the tight job market and lack of skilled workers is making it difficult for manufacturers to find workers. With record-low unemployment, some companies are turning to incentivize new workers to relocate or transition to the industry.

Caterpillar and Raytheon are among employers offering incentives to potential workers. Manufacturers are particularly eager to add moving reimbursements and payments for specialists such as welders, engineers, and machine programmers. Machine programmer jobs require such skills as production becomes more automated.

At Caterpillar Inc.’s engine plant in Lafayette, Ind., the company said electricians and machine maintenance staff are eligible for $5,000 in moving expenses if they lived at least 75 miles from the plant before being hired.

Lockheed Martin Corp. has moved skilled workers such as engineers to plants in Texas and California and highlights jobs that offer relocation benefits on its website. Learn more from the WSJ article.

ThomasNet shares 7 great reasons to work in manufacturing and fill these open jobs:

  1. Contributing To The Economy
  2. On The Cutting Edge
  3. Exciting Sectors of Work
  4. It’s Totally Safe (Really)
  5. Fruits Of Your Labor
  6. Room To Grow
  7. More Than An Assembly Line

Ameri-Force shows a lot of openings for different companies across the country. This includes machinists, welders, and pipe fitters. From their website, “By providing some of the highest wages and best benefits available it’s no wonder our average team member remains with Ameri-Force for 10 years or more. The goal at Ameri-Force is to be your employer for life. Our recruiting team works hand-in-hand with you to provide assignments which increase your skill level and add to your job experience in order to advance and maintain your career.”

If you don’t have these skills yet, connect with your local trades school. Workshop for Warriors helps veterans with Advanced Manufacturing training.

Workshops for Warriors® is rebuilding American manufacturing, one veteran at a time.

“We are a State-licensed, board governed, fully audited, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit school founded in 2008. The mission of Workshops for Warriors is to provide quality training, accredited STEM educational programs, and opportunities to earn third party nationally recognized credentials to enable veterans, transitioning service members, and other students to be successfully trained and placed in their chosen advanced manufacturing career field.”

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