Why This Manufacturer Makes Their Product in the USA

Why made in America you ask? The pride of being able to make the best here in our own backyard. My father was the American Dream. He came from Belgium as a baby through Ellis Island where we have a brick on the wall in his honor. After marrying and moving to Hollywood, he built his own company in his garage and it went worldwide from there. With a little hard work and ingenuity, he invented the machine that put the expiration dates on the tops of milk cartons. My entrepreneurial spirit really did come from him. I learned that anything was possible if I dug deep, trusted in God and worked hard…Especially in the USA this is possible! To be able to employee others here is the best feeling! I have so much pride in my family and the many entrepreneurs and small business owners that have come out of it. Thank you for making this venue possible. Judy Reber, Crack Blaster

The Crack Blaster Repair Balm is a thick, luxurious lanolin-based formula offering a fast and effective cure for your cracked heels, cracked hands, fingers and elbows: A dry skin treatment. Our fast and effective treatment for cracked heels and hands can also be used to target other problem skin areas. Soften your heel cracks, corns, calluses, and rough skin fast!

Leaves Your Body Feeling Softer and Smoother – Start Seeing Results After Only a Few Days of Use: Our cracked heel/skin repair cream is great for achieving baby soft skin on those rough spots. A little goes a long way – one jar of dry skin cream will last a long time. Rich, thick lanolin cream is extremely easy to use and soaks deeply into the skin in no time! Fragrance-free means it is sensitive skin-friendly. Use with your favorite essential oils if desired.

Repair and revive dry skin with fragrance-free treatment: The unique formula of our cracked heel repair balm and revive cream penetrates thicker and rougher surface skin on the feet. A dry skin treatment that actively replenishes moisture deep below the surface of the skin. Gentle, skin-friendly formula contains Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Small, convenient and travel-friendly 3.5 oz jars: Throw our heel treatment balm in your bag and be prepared for any situation when you are on the go and need to target a problem dry skin area. Our glycerin-containing treatment for dry skin draws in and retains moisture, leading to healthy-feeling and hydrated heels, hands, elbows and fingers.
Made with pride in the USA

Join Crack Blaster at Made in America 2021!

Louisville, KY Oct 1st-3rd

This is an American Made Celebration of Made in America Industrial Machines & Consumer Products.

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