Why are we here?

At no time in our history has Made In America been more important to the health and stability of our country, communities, and families.  We have a real opportunity to come together and make the phrase “Made In America” become tangible. We are serious about the importance of buying American made products!! Regardless of our differences, this is a real chance for us to unite and make history together.

The Problem

Retailers make significantly more profit on imported products that use slave type labor in countries with little-to-no taxes or environmental regulations. Consequently removing American made products from their shelves forcing consumers to buy foreign-made products.

Inside the numbers.

Almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one, according to a Consumer Reports survey. More than 60 percent say they’re even willing to pay 10 percent more for it.

For every, ONE worker in manufacturing, there are another FIVE employees hired elsewhere in the community

One Dollar Spent on U.S. Manufacturing = $1.89 Economic Return.
One Dollar Spent on Imports Only $ .55 Stays In U.S.

Every dollar spent on American Manufacturing returns at least $1.89. If that dollar circulates and is used again on Made in USA products, the dollar continues to compound for the good of the community. The opposite can diminish a dollar offshore.

The Complete Solution


Together We Are American Made!


Bringing U.S. Manufacturers together to showcase and highlight American Made machines and products.


Non-Profit educating consumers about the importance of buying American made products.


This will be the largest online store for American made goods and the doorway between U.S. Manufacturers and the world.

As a trusted source for Made in America, MadeInAmerica.com continues to build on the momentum from our national events by creating a network of manufacturers, products and consumers focused on raising awareness for the economic, environmental, and community impact of American-made manufacturers and products.

Growing the economy depends on a strong and flexible manufacturing community. The Goals of MadeInAmerica.com.

  • Inspire American Made Innovation, Drive, and Passion.
  • Showcasing American Manufacturers and Products at the Highest Level.
  • Advocate for American Manufacturing & American Jobs.