Made In America 2020

The 2nd Annual Event will be another American Made celebration!

Showcasing American Made!

Detroit Michigan Oct. 1-4, 2020

Together We Are American Made!

Join American Made brands and U.S. manufacturers from across the country to display what is Made in the USA today. Showcase your innovations to the world.

American Made means high-quality, integrity, and hard work. We invite you to come and see what is Made in America. Join others with similar passions and interests in the U.S. manufacturing industry.


Why are we here?

It’s Simple, we have a real opportunity to come together and make the phrase “Made In America” become tangible. We are serious about the importance of buying American made products!! 80% of US consumers prefer to buy American made products, Can you name another issue 80% of Americans agree on? Regardless of our differences, this is a real chance for us to unite and make history together.

The Problem

Retailers make significantly more profit on imported products that use slave type labor in countries with little-to-no taxes or environmental regulations. Consequently removing American made products from their shelves forcing consumers to buy foreign-made products.

The Complete Solution




By bringing hundreds of US manufacturers together into one place and giving them and the visibility of their products, Americans will see how many quality goods are still made here. This will also be the voice helping shape policy US manufacturing by connecting manufacturers with policymakers.



This will be the largest online store for American made goods and the doorway between U.S. Manufacturers and the world.

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Non-Profit educating consumers about the importance of buying American made products.