Where Can I Find American Made Products?

While shopping at your local store, you probably find yourself browsing through foreign products and wondering, “where can I find American made products?”

While American made products are few and far between, there are still plenty of American manufacturers operating in the U.S. that make high quality domestic product.

MadeinAmerica.com is working to raise consumer demand for U.S. made products so that wealth stays within our communities. Every time you buy an American made product, you are keeping U.S. citizens employed and circulating money within our country instead of sending it overseas. MadeinAmerica.com is determined to make domestic products the norm in America–from children’s toys to industrial equipment.

Where can I buy American made products?

The first annual Made in America Tradeshow brought together some of the brightest minds in American innovation. Take a look at what a few of our exibitors had to say about the importance of American manufacturing.

“Consumers don’t look for Made in America anymore because they just assume there’s not anything made in America anymore, and that’s just not the case. I want everyone to realize that American manufacturing does exist–even in textiles.” said Callum Brown of Brown Dog Hosiery Company.

“By keeping everything in the United States, we were able to keep that quality aspect that is lost when foreign competition comes into play.” Said Mary Jo Light of Horse Power Inc.

“Everything is a flow of money and if my money flows overseas, it’s twice as hard to get back.” Said Don Friar of CPM Conveyor.

We invite you to see what American Made truly means at Made in America 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. This event will bring together likeminded American manufacturers and patriotic consumers to celebrate U.S. innovation. The show will take place October 19-24 at the TCF Center.

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  2. My experience has been that I have to purchase online if I want a variety of goods made in America. There are precious few actual retailers that concentrate on consumer goods made in America. At least, in this case, the internet is our friend. I cannot tell you how many Made in USA products I have purchased that I would never find in a local store. Also, I try to purchase directly from the manufacturer, if possible, so they get the most financial benefit.

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