What Does ‘Made In America’ Mean To You?

Supporting our country by buying quality (not cheap garbage) items made with pride. – Stephanie K.

Keeping Americans working! – Debbie E.

Made in US by US workers using as many made in US parts as possible or only using foreign parts if they are better not because they are cheaper. – Stephen M.

Quality and loyalty. – Madeline M.

The ability to purchase great products. – Cheryl L.

Only thing I will buy. – Ruth K.

Put people back to work. – Holly B.

Fair labor practices. – Gretchen S.

JOBS! – Scott F.

Made by hard working people struggling with low wages, and higher prices for the middle class consumer. – Maria D.

American jobs from an American company. – Wes M.

The buck stops HERE! AND STAYS! – Tom B.

Jobs, strong economy, quality. – Harriet H.

Stainless steel that does NOT rust, plastics without poison, jewelry without cadmium or lead. – Pat B.

America’s future. – Morene M.

Jobs, Quality, Pride, and History. – Gary J.

MIA to me, it’s a product that is from here, from beginning to end, it’s done here in USA. Then sell it everywhere all over the world! – Becky B.

Longevity of this country. – Mark D.

Made by Americans, with material produced or mined in America and with equipment made in America.  – Robin G.

It means American made items, made by Americans and those items being used to make bigger American made products. Or, it’s being grateful for jobs and job growth so that Americans can have homes, families, food and hope in the future! – Jessica L.

Jobs, Environmental Laws, Quality, Durability, Tax Revenue, Labor Laws, Small Business, List goes on and on… – Jason B.

It means building and making things ourselves for our neighbors, our families, our country with quality materials and craftsmanship we can be proud to say is American made. I would most certainly pay a little more for that. – Colleen D.

It means community is strong. – Casey W.

Access to companies supporting our economy. Love this site and appreciate the updated info herein. – Marilyn C.

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