Wellborn Cabinet Plans Made in USA Rough Mill Expansion

Wellborn Cabinet has completed the construction of a 300’ by 350’ (105,000 square feet) rough mill lumber processing facility located on-site at the Ashland, Alabama plant. This addition allows for Wellborn Cabinet to effectively double the capacity of the current rough milling process.

Since Wellborn has a strong commitment to making American-made products, they used majority American-made materials to construct the new facility.

  • The concrete used to build the flooring and walls was made on site.
  • The machinery used to help erect and construct the building were all machinery partners who are committed to being Made in USA.
  • The steel structure and light bulbs were all from American-made manufacturers.

The new rough mill will use all American-made lumber processing equipment and conveyors. Planer mills, rip systems, and saws are all made by American equipment manufacturers.

Last year, Wellborn Cabinet received the American Manufacturer of the Year Award at Made in America 2019 for their unwavering commitment to American manufacturing.

Owner and CEO Paul Wellborn was recently interviewed, “…the people that cut the logs, make the products, we can’t afford to take that away from this country. We have to keep all of those skills here. That’s what Makes America Great.”

Learn more about Wellborn Cabinet’s domestic products and commitment to American-made at www.wellborn.com.

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  1. We have Wellborn cabinets in our kitchen.
    They are beautiful and strong.
    Good to hear they are able to expand and keep the Craftsmen working.

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