We the People – An Interactive Political Discussion Calendar

The “We the People, Interactive Calendar” is a resource for individuals and families to learn from videos, historical documents, commentary, and best of all political cartoons that will show the relevance of Constitutional Truths and how they apply to today. Making time to learn as a family.

QR Codes allow for access to resources to come alive so that people can begin a conversation on what really matters. 

Matt Hawkins, creator of We the People says, “We had been told from our youth that the inheritance from our ancestors was priceless, yet everything around us seems to be crumbling. Political Satire from such artists as AF Branco seemed to lighten our day, with elements of truth. Not so surprisingly, we found that as we talked and laughed about the satire, we began to have conversations, and almost as if divinely appointed, we began to recognize the truths that our ancestors had mentioned.

If only we could take nuggets of truth, and build them into an Advent calendar, perhaps we could inspire a new generation of individuals, young and old alike to look forward to political discussions, the same as a child might look forward to the next Advent window on a calendar approaching Christmas.  What is the next window going to bring to light? What curiosity will be satisfied or unlocked opening new vistas of understanding, as we advance forward each day of the calendar experience?”

We the People, believe that the best days are ahead if all can catch a vision of why and an understanding of how the Constitution was divinely inspired to lead not just the United States of America, but to be a light to all people that want to search and secure Freedoms to live their lives so that they can achieve all that the Human Spirit can desire to attain.

The calendar is not for just a month, but the next year, and beyond. If we do our job, we hope to inspire all to engage and learn for another year and along the way expand the conversation that will unite all people in a pursuit of Truth and Peace that will endure through the ages.

We the People Interactive Calendar


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