Art of Honor Presents: America’s Wall of Honor

When an American raises his or her hand and swears the oath of service in the U.S. military or as a first responder, it is a brave and selfless act. They are accepting roles that are dangerous and unpredictable. And that choice impacts everything in their lives and the lives of their families now and in the future.

Today, there are over two million first responders of the United States and over one million active duty military and over 800 thousand reserve forces. Another million young Americans have lost their lives in previous wars and today, an average of 22 heroes a day commit suicide due to PTSD. America’s Wall of Honor pays tribute to the service of every one of these courageous Americans. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have warn the cloth of our country and our communities. We thank you for your service.

America’s Wall of Honor is under contruction in Nebraska and scheduled for completion in July 2020. The wall honors every branch of the military and first responders in law enforcement and fire and rescue with an awe-inspiring work of art. The official symbols of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard–Along with the presidential seal for the commander-in-chief and seals for Law enforcement personnel and firefighter EMTs are all being created by memorial artist Timothy Lampros, known nationally for creating the LAPD End of Watch Memorial Wall.

wall of honor sealEvery seal is created from hundreds of laser-cut pieces of stainless steel assembled in many 3-dimensional layers and mounted on layers of one inch glass embedded with LED lighting. The presidential seal, for example, is 51 inches in diameter and consists of over 600 pieces. It will weigh over 400 pounds.

An electronic lectern is placed in front of each seal to celebrate the names of certain people for the branch of service. Everyone in the nation is invited to submit names of those they would like to honor.

When the wall is complete, it will tour small towns, large cities, national events throughout the United States and then be permanantly placed in a presidential library.

America’s Wall of Honor needs the support of all patriotic Americans, both individuals and businesses. We will not accept government funds or money from the National endowment for the arts. This is America’s Wall of Honor built for America through the generosity of Americans.

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