US Olympic Gear likely Not American Made – Why?

US Olympic Gear likely Not American Made

The long-delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics is now in process. Multiple times per day new headlines are released, videos posted, social media accounts are updated with new pictures, but not one story on the official USA Olympic Team products being American Made.

You have seen the fashion shows and the guest appearances debuting different items, all talking about how wonderful they are. Again, no talk of American Made. 

In 2012 Ralph Lauren was called to the table when everyone found out his U.S. Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms were actually made in China, so much so, there were accusations that he may not be asked to return. This was a large threat being that the well-known designer has been designing the official Team USA gear since 2008. 

So naturally, with the current political climate and large push to support local, one would think that Americans would be asking the question, is it American Made?

Let’s Talk About That

Nike designs many components of the athletic wear that will be worn during the games and they are very proud of where it stands on the eco spectrum, but they are not touting the products to be American made.

Adidas is the big name behind the designs happening on the Golf Courses at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Where Adidas is very transparent about where they do manufacture their products, not one location is in the United States of America.

The exclusive Tokyo Olympics Team USA water bottle is decked out in red, white, and blue. Where do you think it was made? Sadly, it was made in China.

There is a pattern here and it is one Americans should not be ok with. This is millions of dollars being taken out of the United State economy. Jobs that could be supplied to Americans.

This needs to stop. In order for it to stop though, the question has to begin to be asked, was this Made in America?


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