U.S. Manufacturers work with Congress on “American Renewal Action Plan”

In efforts to ensure that America and its manufacturing sector steadily recover from COVID-19 and the resulting economic downfall, companies within the National Association of Manufacturers released the “American Renewal Action Plan” in April.

The plan highlights 3 essential steps for manufacturers during the country’s reopening–response, recovery, and renewal.

The response phase is when manufacturers will rise up to help supply America’s demand for personal protective equipment. Many companies have shifted their production to make masks and other protective gear for healthcare workers and the American public while we fight to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Companies like General Motors and Bacardi are among many others who have repurposed their assembly line to produce face masks and hand sanitizer respectively.

The recovery phase will be in the hands of the government as workers attempt to return to work safely. Lawmakers are in charge of making sure testing is widely available in order for American to feel safe returning to work. Rules regarding regular temperature checks and COVID-19 testing should be put in place to ensure workers are not infected before going to work. Finally, companies need to completely revamp the design of their buildings to allow for social distancing between employees. This would include less crowded work areas as well as possible glass shields between workers.

The renewal phase relies on Congress to provide liquidity in loans and grants for manufacturers affected by COVID-19, ensuring job security for the men and women in the manufacturing sector. transitioning our essential supply chain to domestic suppliers will put more revenue into the hands of American manufacturers and make it much easier to obtain materials and products during times of crisis. On top of that, specific programs should be put in place for training the upcoming manufacturing workforce and closing the skills gap so that the future of the manufacturing sector is stronger than it was pre-pandemic.

In order for the plan to work, American manufacturers will have to work closely with the government to make sure new proposals and policies will better the country. Congress and the administration have already adopted many of the proposals.

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