Trade Schools Should Be Treated As Important As College, Especially After Pandemic

The main reason U.S. manufacturing can’t grow today to meet the full force and current demand is due to the lack of workers available. This is in addition to the lack of skilled workers.

Manufacturing companies offer training programs, trying to offset this problem. There are also internship programs available that were heavily invested in by the prior administration. The current administration has quickly passed, even more, Buy American Bills.

Higher Paying Jobs

Welding, machining, and other available jobs in the U.S. manufacturing industry are considered high-paying careers. Often, it’s not taught at a young age that working with your hands and learning a trade can be as lucrative as becoming a lawyer.

Building The Future

Without a strong and continuously growing workforce for the U.S. manufacturing sector, the future of the United States will be heavily dependent on other countries for the most basic needs, like medicine, furniture, and clothes.

Tomorrow’s Manufacturing is Advanced

What is being made in America today can give hope and create excitement. There are still many products being made in the U.S. The new jobs in the industry are more technical related and require working with robotics. However, it’s already being proven that advancing the manufacturers’ floor with automation is creating high-paying jobs.

Inspire Someone To Be American Made

Remind the younger generations that it is okay to skip college and learn a skill or trade. U.S. manufacturers need you. There are currently 500,000 open U.S. jobs in the manufacturing industry. Let’s think about this… How many kids will begin college in the fall without a clear goal and will change their major several times throughout earning a degree? Maybe remind him or her it’s okay to work on cars, build things with your hands. Not to mention, there are exciting jobs working with robotics in manufacturing for tech-savvy kids.

This is how we build the future. Inspire the youth that American Made is cool.

‘Be American and Buy American’ has been Don’s motto for Made in America since day 1. It was a phrase his daughter came up with and it resounds with many.

But what does it mean to be American Made? The men and women who create our machines and products that proudly carry the USA flag with the words Made in the USA are what our mission is all about.

U.S. manufacturers can work together to help solve these problems. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but we must all come together to continue the momentum of the American Manufacturing push. Many people are already advocating to start at high school again and even middle school – as it’s one of our most shared and read stories on

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  1. PLease don’t forget to mention the state of the art traditional apprenticeship programs through local trades unions! We at IBEW Local 873 have an “earn as you learn” program that produces highly skilled and highly sought after Journeymen Wiremen. We are also on the front lines of the “Buy American” war.

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