Top 5 Reasons to Buy American Made. It Matters Where Your Dollars Go.

Buy American Made

Even though the holiday shopping season is over, we’ll still find ourselves shopping online and in-store for a wide variety of goods. Although it’s tempting to buy cheaper products from foreign manufacturers, here are a few great reasons to buy products that are made right here in the USA. American Made.

Support local communities

American Made mattersWhen you buy American products and services, you can rest assured that your money is going back into the local economy instead of being spent overseas. Buying American products supports local manufacturers and entire communities.

Higher quality product

American made products are closely associated with high quality–for good reason! Products manufactured here are usually made with higher quality American components which make them more durable. You might even end up saving money in the long run when you buy longer lasting American products.

Create American jobs

American Made mattersWhen you buy a product made overseas, your money and business also leaves the U.S. When you buy an American made product, you’re supporting American business and jobs. American manufacturers rely on our business to continue to run and employ their workers. Every time you Buy American, you’re helping to maintain the U.S. workforce.

Environmentally friendly

You can rest assured that your American products create a lower carbon footprint than foreign competitors because American manufacturers are held to higher federal and state environmental regulations. Many other big manufacturing countries, like China or Japan, tend to have less strict government regulations on emissions and other environmental protection issues. There is also the obvious factor of transportation overseas, which adds to their carbon footprint. When we buy products that are made right here in the U.S., the manufacturing and transportation process is much more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Ethical labor standards

In many industrial areas of China, sweatshop employees work 18-hour days to earn as low as $100 per month. Although they do have labor regulations in China and other growing manufacturing countries, they’re usually ignored. In the United States, however, federal and state labor laws ensure that workers are treated ethically and paid adequately for their labor. when you purchase a Made in USA product, you can be sure you aren’t contributing to child labor, slave labor, or dangerous working conditions in factories.

Support America!

The greatest reason to Buy American is to support our country and people! When companies manufacture products in America, it lowers our reliance on other countries for necessary everyday items. Additionally, purchasing American lowers the U.S. budget and trade deficit, increases national revenue, and stimulates our economy. Buying American is a simple choice that goes a long way. If we all come together to support American manufacturing, our country will see a brighter future.

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