Timex is Bringing Watchmaking Back To U.S.

Timex has launched a new collection of watches to commemorate its 165th anniversary. Known for their reasonably priced watches, Timex has been headquartered in Connecticut since 1854.

The collection, called “American Documents”, is entirely made in America–apart from the Swiss quartz movement. This is a huge milestone for American manufacturing and watch-making in general. Although Timex Group USA is an American company, they haven’t made watches entirely in the U.S. for almost 20 years. In 2001, they closed their last American manufacturing plant in Little Rock, Arkansas. “It’s all about efficiencies,” said PR manager Jim Katz, “We have a large watchmaking facility in the Philippines which can take over these tasks and do them more efficiently.” The Little Rock plant operated for 56 years before its closure.

Along with outsourcing to the Philippines, Timex also brought production to other countries like India and China, where they ship internationally.


That’s why the American Documents Collection is a big deal. This new American-made watch is a homecoming for the Connecticut-based brand. The watch is comprised of parts sourced from partners within the U.S. The leather straps are from S.B. Foot Tanning in Minnesota and the brass is entirely American based. The crystal used for the face is impact-resistant Gorilla Glass 3, produced by Corning in Massachusetts. These components come together to create an elegant yet simple design.

But here’s the catch: the watch doesn’t fully comply with the FTC’s “made in America” guidelines. The guidelines state that all parts of a product must be made completely in the U.S. to carry the ‘Made in America’ label. While the watch is mainly American-made, Timex includes that the quartz movement is actually Swiss. To avoid issues with the FTC, they included the words “Swiss movt” on the face of the watch.

The collection includes four dial colors that sell for $495. On the website, Timex highlights that the watches are “Inspired by the America that made us.”

  1. I’ll buy one. Maybe more as gifts!! Support America means something to me.

  2. $495.00?

    • That’s what I thought! I never even heard of a Timex that cost anywhere near that amount. Are these people insane

  3. That’s what I thought! I never even heard of a Timex that cost anywhere near that amount. Are these people insane?

  4. It’s about time someone brought some manufacturing jobs back to the USA instead of the reverse. And thankfully it happens to be my favorite watch brand due to their durability and my outdoor loving lifestyle that is extremely hard on anything electronic. Just ask the 25 or so cell phones I’ve buried since they became affordable for the average person to own. Congrats and thank you Timex and to anyone who might read this post please support products that are “Made in the USA” and keep our business in country.

  5. You’re a big enough company to make your own movements. People would be willing to pay almost any reasonable price for a 100% percent American watch. Only one that I know of and it’s $20,000. I would love to own such a watch if it was under a thousand.

  6. I bought a smart watch a year ago to monitor my BP, HR, Steps, etc when exercising. Didn’t realized its a PRC made. It broke down in a year. I swore, never buy anything made in PRC. Am looking forward going back to buying reliable Timex. (Moto: Down but keeps on ticking). Also, tools, I look forward to buying US Made eqiptment & tools.

  7. Because you offer the best products, I thank all your staff and employees.

  8. I am looking for a Timex factory in the United States if it is one that is please post it thank you

  9. I’ve got one and I love it! I love how well it’s made and I love what it represents. I love looking at this watch and seeing it’s beauty and I especially love seeing, “Made in America.” What’s not to love? The quality of an American-made product and the precision of a Swiss movement!

  10. I’m so happy to hear you are bringing watch making back to the U.S.. After so many years of China making subpar products to make more money for those who own the companies, I don’t mind paying more for good quality products that provide jobs for those who live here and will ultimately be the ones to purchase the product. Thank you Timex!!!! 🙂

  11. Just because you bring it back to the USA does not mean anything unless its affordable.

  12. Just ordered two Timex watches and can’t wait for them. I have one that is maybe 30 years old and still works. And is still stylish.

  13. I will buy one – when The Dutch sell Timex BV back to an American Holding Company

  14. A Timex watch made in the mid 70’s may have saved my life. I trust the company, no matter where they’re made. Just ordered a new one.

  15. I love my Timex watches, however, now my Expedition is not changing the date. It used to be we could send a watch to Little Rock. Is there currently a place that repairs these things?

  16. Much of “Made In U.S.A.” is now a farce
    as much if not most of the manufacturing machinery is now foreign – the largest American flag maker uses Asian sewing machines to make American flags – an absolute disgrace – made in U.S.A. maybe but NOT American made – truly American made is gone forever all because of greed on all sides – think about it next time you wave your foreign made American flags

    James Gately ASM

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