Thomas Bilt Custom Fitness Systems are Proudly Made in USA

Thomas Bilt Custom Fitness Systems are proudly hand-made and manufactured by American welders and metal fabricators. Each system is tailored to the customer’s individual sports and fitness needs so they can get the most out of their workout.

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Founder and CEO Dave Thomas rediscovered his passion for product design and metalworking at SHOPSPACE, a Raleigh business that offers courses in all areas of craftsmenship to all skill levels. He believes that businesses like SHOPSPACE who are bringing shop classes back to the general public will have a huge benefit on the U.S. economy. By giving Americans the option to go into craftsmanship, more businesses like Dave’s will pop up all over the nation.

Dave is proudly committed to maintaining the company’s American made mission and is excited to attend Made in America 2021.

“I think there’s definitely strength in numbers,” says Dave. “A lot can happen when we all come together to share best practices and discuss solutions to important issues that we ALL face as manufacturers.”

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Thomas Bilt Background

One of the reasons I started this company is my commitment to manufacturing in the United States, particularly in North Carolina.

thomas biltIf there has been any upside to the Covid crisis, I have had the time to dig out an old business plan. During some unexpected “down time”, I have found a renewed passion for an industry to which I previously devoted more than a decade of my life, as a sporting goods retail store owner, seller and manufacturer of quality exercise equipment.

I hope to create a few jobs, manufacture and deliver high quality custom fitness systems, at a reasonable price…any maybe even help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Prior to becoming a store owner, I was a Raleigh Police Officer. I used to employ young men from the Halifax Court housing project, an area that I used to patrol as an officer. I got to know several families who resided there. I remember being pleasantly surprised by the work ethic and punctuality of every one of these young men, who were seeking extra dollars to spend and help support their single moms.

If a have a current mission, that would be to help inspire more young men like these to become entrepreneurs…owners of their own businesses…specifically involving manufacturing and metal fabrication.

Recently, I was able to rekindle a passion at SHOPSPACE, a business with expert instructors teaching courses in forging and metal fabrication. SHOPSPACE also serves as an incubator for anyone who has any entrepreneurial ambition in the field of metalworking.

Thomas Bilt is committed to creating and keeping manufacturing jobs in N.C., and 10% of all profits will be set aside in a scholarship fund for qualified individuals who desire to take classes or work on a specific project at SHOPSPACE.

Thomas Bilt will always stand for quality, integrity and honest value. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Join Thomas Bilt at Made in America 2021!

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