This Mill Producing A Wide Variety of Fabrics is Your American-Made Supply Chain Partner

By blending agility with a focus on innovation, we’ve built a reputation for supplying our clients with solutions that move their businesses forward. From perfecting dye lots and color orders to exploring cutting-edge techniques, the end result is consistent and reliable fabrics that meet your unique needs, every time.

We are your dependable fabric resource partner, delivering the highest-quality warp-knit fabrics that empower performance, protect patients, and enhance brands. Steadfast in our commitment to research, development, and innovation, we are meticulous in our approach to providing excellence.

Our history begins in the late 1800s with The National Whalebone Company. In 1925 they became the National Fabric Corporation and included a subsidiary named Darlington Textile Corporation. In 1941 after a merger with Mazuy Mills, Darlington Fabrics Corporation was formed and in 1972 proudly joined what is now the Moore Company Textile Group. More than a century after our founding, we continue the long tradition of developing innovative and superior products that elevate brands. We are proud of our heritage as a US textile company and the employees who make it all possible.

Learn about what this U.S. mill is capable of today:

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