‘The Perfect Lift’ Makes Life Happen Again

The perfect liftMost people with disabilities are stuck in their wheelchair or in one spot all day long. The Perfect Lift makes people’s lives better because they can now go to friends and go upstairs and use their bathroom. They can be walked into their pool or get on that boat, on that ride, go on a plane, get in and out of the ocean, all done easy and safe. It’s great for caregivers, nursing homes, hospitals, and for a physical therapist to transfer patients to and from a chair to a pool for aqua therapy. The Perfect Lift is a simple portable lift. It requires two people and it’s made of water-resistant material and has a commode cut out. The Perfect Lift weighs 1 lb. 1 oz. and holds up to 300 pounds. It also can be conveniently folded for ease of carrying. The Perfect Lift provides drainage throughout making showering and going into a pool easy and safe. The Perfect Lift has a commode cut out and allows bathroom use anywhere in your home or when out and traveling. It allows people with all disabilities to feel safe and secure.

The perfect lift in useThe Perfect Lift will save the backs of the caregiver. The perfect lift is a lifesaver in emergency situations. Lifeguards could use it when rescuing a person who is drowning. In addition, there is the rest of the world that doesn’t even have wheelchairs and the children and people are left to sit and can’t shower or swim because they don’t have anything safe to lift them. The Perfect Lift can change so many lives, for all those that suffer from situations that make them non-ambulatory. It gives back dignity and makes life happen again.

The Perfect Lift can be used for all different types of diseases like muscular dystrophy multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, for veterans, elderly, and quadriplegics. It also can be used by physical therapists, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, lifeguards, and camps. There are so many uses for the Perfect Life. In addition, it is affordable because everything in the world of disabilities is extremely expensive and the entire drive was to make something that would be affordable to everyone.

Tanner’s Story

The perfect lift inspired by TannerWe know this product can change lives throughout the world as it has changed ours dramatically.

Perfect Lift was inspired by my son Tanner, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Tanner cannot stand or use his legs or arms, he is fully dependent on our family. I refuse to let Tanner’s disability dictate what we can and cannot do, and believe that life can still happen for us the way it does for everyone. I had to find a way for Tanner to get back into life and feel safe.

Tanner suffers from high anxiety and has a fear of falling when being lifted (on and off the toilet, in and out of the shower or tub and on and off the bed)it is horribly sad. The social isolation that goes with these types of diseases is heartbreaking and I knew I needed to make something that could get him to go over to a friend’s house without worrying. We would get invited to parties and barbecues and it was always the same problems with the same answer “Thank you but we can’t get into the house with Tanners chair-or there’s no lift for him to use the pool”. I had to figure out how he could accomplish these things in other people’s homes. I know Perfect Lift can get Tanner in the house, on the couch, in the bathroom, and in the pool. Tanner is able to be transferred by other people besides me. I made it so it’s a two or three person lift. I understand a lot of us don’t always have the extra hands, but my kids can easily transport Tanner.

The perfect liftMy lift has made life happen again for us. Our family loves to travel and traveling was exhausting. We always ask for an accessible room and when we get there, we get a bathroom that is not wheelchair accessible. It’s frustrating, and a hardship. We would need to bring a lot of equipment or have to rent it, but with my Perfect Lift, we are able to just go now. We’re able to lift him on and off the bed, onto any toilet, in and out of any shower or tub, and walk him into the pool or hot tub. We’ve lifted him on a plane, even on a boat and into the Gulf of Mexico. The Perfect Lift is a wonderful tool to help put someone safely onto a “pool lift” without hurting your back, or dropping someone who is wet and slippery. It’s safe and it’s strong. My son weighs 110 pounds. The water drains right through and has a commode cut out, making it easily accessible for anyone – male or female – to use the restroom. I keep our Perfect Lift under my son all day. He feels comfortable and safe. As his mom, the part I love most is how quickly we can get him where he needs to be, especially in case of an emergency.  

Perfect Lift has helped my son to be transferred around easily, and it is my hope and prayer that it will help anyone that is elderly or has a disability to be able to enjoy life again. I am proud of what I have done and I am so happy we can live life again. Tanner my son now has his life back, and I hope you will start living too. 

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