The Original Blow-out Prevents Spread of 99.78% of Bacteria and Viruses

Celebrate birthdays without spreading unnecessary germs! The Original Blow-Out is an air filter, clinically proven to prevent the spread of 99.78% of bacteria and viruses including measles, flu and coronavirus.

My name is Francine Coughlin and I always dreamed of running a restaurant. After years of failed attempts in the food industry, I felt hopeless.

Francine of the Original blow-outOn an autumn day in 2016, my boys suggested that I open a bakery instead of a restaurant.  I told them that wasn’t a good idea because in order for it to be a success, I would have to invest the same amount of hours as a restaurant or bar.  On October 26, 2016,  I sat in my kitchen thinking about my boys’ bakery suggestion and right away I thought of a birthday cake.  My mind fast forwarded to the spit that people spew all over a birthday cake when they blow out their candles.  I was totally disgusted and immediately thought if there was a way to blow out candles and not spit all over a cake at the same time. I began brainstorming, wondering if the Wilton tip I use for decorating cakes would work blowing out candles.  I took it out of my cabinet and tried.  It worked!  I proceeded to roll countless paper blowers, different sizes and widths.  I felt like a scientist, making many, many notes as to what worked and what didn’t.  I then called a number of manufacturers and asked them if they could make a prototype of something I had in my mind.  It was not even 12 noon and I already had a possible plan to create a product and get a prototype.  The process progressed into trying to figure out what would catch and stop germs from flying all over the place and my mind immediately went to the surgical masks that doctors wear while operating.  I bought a box of face masks and examined the material it was made out of.  Google became my best friend that morning.  I can’t begin to tell you how many phone calls I made in the next few weeks to try to find a filter that was made in the USA that would work for this product.  The company I ultimately hired was on page 85!  I called everyone leading up to that page.  

The original blow-outNo – I never gave up!   Although my product would be much cheaper if I got it manufactured in China, I knew I wanted to use products made in the USA.  But this project was very important to me, and knowing it would be completely made in the USA would be an important key benefit.   I finally succeeded after testing many, many filter options!  It was very time consuming but I finally found the right media for my product.

I was inching toward a goal of obtaining a prototype to wrap up as a present for my family for Christmas 2016.  Other than my son, Tom, I kept all of this confidential. I felt I needed his advice on certain aspects since he was taking business classes at college at the time.  Well, my engineer couldn’t get me a prototype in time for Christmas and I felt I was going to self combust from the anxiety I was concealing from my family. On January 1, 2017, we were all home and I summoned everyone in the family room.  I shared my story of what I was up to.  My husband was surprised and amused at the same time.  We really became hesitant and concerned about the expenses connected to this project.  I did much research and development and came to the conclusion that there wasn’t anything like it on the market and 85% of the persons I spoke to were concerned about spit and germs on birthday cakes, just like me.

Spring, 2017, my engineer created a prototype from my drawings.  I was referred to Nelson Labs, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, to test the product.  They had to tweak testing because Nelson Labs is the leading provider of global lab testing for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries and my product was unique.  Testing was done for one full minute.  I had to go through four clinical testings before the fifth and final clinical testing resulted in a high velocity at the exit and a 99.78% rating for removing germs (bacteria and viruses, including measles, flu) from the exiting airflow.  The process was grueling and tiring to say the least.  There were several times I thought of giving up because I couldn’t figure it out, but I did not quit.  I had to keep modifying the tooling to tweak the design.  I did – not my engineer.  I had to explain to my patent agent how my mind worked when I created how the air flow would function.  I explained that my family are boaters and we go to Block Island every summer.  Heading east to Block Island, Rhode Island, you have to go through The Race (the smallest part of Long Island Sound), that’s where the fastest water is flowing because of the shape of the waterway.  The proper use of a Blow-Out is putting the larger end of the device up to your mouth (Long Island Sound) and blow, air exiting the small end (The Race), the exiting airflow being very powerful.   It worked exceptionally well and I even have a video of me blowing out 25 candles in 2 seconds! 

2020 arrives…. so does Covid-19.  I immediately emailed my contact person for the media and asked him if the media I have prevents the Covid-19 virus.  In short, yes it does.  The size of the coronavirus micron does not penetrate through this media I am using.  So now people have an opportunity to benefit from this product, continue birthday traditions and minimize their exposure to the pandemic.

For years, when family and friends would blow out candles on their birthday cake, I’d cringe and then wipe off the fork, reach for a napkin from the bottom of the pile and then inconspicuously scrape off the frosting before I ate the cake and hope nobody saw me.  Just the thought of what comes out of people’s mouths totally disgusted me.  I figured out a way to eat the cake, use the fork, napkin and plate in front of me after the wishes were made and candles were blown.

Currently, The Original Blow-out is being sold on my website, the Amazon FBA platform, and some grocery stores and bakeries throughout the country.

original blow-outWith no supplemental education after high school, I had to figure out on my own how to get this project off the ground and make it a success.  All the parts and pieces, the creation, the science, the business, the marketability, the social media, etc., had to be mastered in detail.  With all of the obstacles I have come across, yes, there were many, if I didn’t know how to respond, I tried to find the answer or tried to find the person(s) who helped me find the answer.  I never gave up and there were many times that I could have.

Simply put, I can now say….   Hi, my name is Francine Coughlin, and I am the creator of The Original Blow-Out.  I saw the problem and I created the American Made solution.  Now remember, eat the cake and enjoy every crumb ONLY IF a Blow-Out is used, and please spread the word, not the germs, about The Original Blow-Out.


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Thank you.


Francine Coughlin

The Original Blow-Out, Owner

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