The Made in USA Floating Mats Have Unprecedented Demand

A message from one of our hardworking American Manufacturers – Made in America Team

Our Floating Water Mats provide an easy forum to enjoy the Lake, River, or Ocean for children and adults. Floating Mats offer the highest quality and durability in the large floatable water mats industry and unlike most of our competitors, our mats are manufactured right here in the USA. Whether it’s tied up behind your boat while anchored for a lake party or used for extending your dock, Floating Mats are the most low-maintenance fun you can have on the water!

Due to unprecedented demand, we are currently out-of-stock on our most popular products.

Because of that, all products are only available on backorder.

The record demand for our products combined with the ongoing scarcity of supplies means that it will be the end of July before we are able to fulfill more orders.

With sales so strong… we’ve decided to give those of you that order now a Covid Breaker Deal… 25% Off your Floating Mat!

This offer is only good until we receive our supplies and can start making mats again, so don’t delay.

Feel free to go ahead and shop now and get your mat ordered now, but please understand there will be a delay in delivery.

We will keep you up-to-date!

All of our mats are 100% Made in the USA with American sourced foam. You will find no metal or fabric in our mats, and that’s a good thing.

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