The Better Bungee

The Better Bungee CordSince the creation of a bungee cord, there have only been two types to choose from; the ones made from rubber and the ones made from shock cord. Until The Better Bungee was created. Now you can choose a bungee that is the safest, strongest, and most environmentally friendly polyurethane cord on the market today and it is fully Made In America.

The development of The Better Bungee began with a dog leash. Deb Dershem, CEO, and President, along with her husband decided to make a dog leash, which led them into the polyurethane business and eventually how The Better Bungee came to be.

Deb and her husband live on a farm and when you live on a farm or are a person who likes the outdoors, you use a tremendous amount of bungee cords. When one of those bungees breaks, it can really put you in a bad situation. Out in the middle of a field, stuck, or out in the middle of the ocean, what is a person supposed to do? There is much you can do, which is why it is so imperative to have a product that will last through almost anything.

If you ever pass a tractor-trailer, look in the cab, you will most likely see a stockpile of bungees. So many are needed because so often they are a product that cannot be trusted to do the job.

Understanding this, they began designing a product that would last and would be safe to use. The recipe includes plastic resin which makes it impervious to the weather elements. Whether you are in the freezing cold of Canada or boating in Key West Florida, The Better Bungee can stand up to all weather conditions.

Not only are these cords designed to hold up in any conditions, but they are designed for safety. If you have ever been on the side of a hook snapping off a bungee, you understand that they can be very dangerous. This is why it was so important to the Dershem’s to make a safe product. They accomplish this by making the cord with better material, but also the clips placed on the ends are heavy duty. 

The Better Bungee slotted strapThe product is designed with a pattern that you cannot necessarily detect just by sight. The design is made so that if a person makes mistakes in the use of their bungee, like stretching it too tight or stretching it over something sharp, it will not just snap. The material has a pattern to it that is similar to the shape of a dumbbell, so it is thicker on the edge and thinner in the middle. This is so that if a tear does happen, it will not just snap. It will break in the middle, eliminating the threat of the clip snapping back and causing the person using bodily injury. With the cord being thicker on the edges, chances are you can get to where you need to go to fix or replace it before the cord breaks completely. 

Deb Dershem is an Industrial Engineer and firmly believes that when you are putting together procedures in a warehouse, it is kind of like the game “Telephone”, you tell one person and by the time the message gets to the person it is for, the message has changed. When designing The Better Bungee, they designed it in every color. Yes, you can buy the one that matches your truck rig for it to be pretty or it can be used as a way to make your warehouse more efficient and avoid the “Telephone” game.

The Better Bungee has found great success, Deb commented, “It is always amazing to me when I walk in a store and see our product being sold by someone that I didn’t sell it to. A distributor sold it to them.” It is a mark that the word is out and people want to buy a quality product, especially one Made In America. 

Being that the product is fully Made In America, The Better Bungee has recently obtained its GSA contract. So if you are in the government or know someone who is, The Better Bungee can be found with DUNS# 080568961, CAGE Code: 7UZX5, and state of PA Entity ID: 4279866.

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