Storch Magnetics President and CEO, Matt Carr, Interview at Made in America Event

The Future Is Magnetic!

In this interview, President and CEO at Storch Products, Matt Carr highlights the use of magnets in our world today: from the Supermag to environmental sustainability and clean-up.

Matt Carr of Storch Magnetics

Talor Whitaker: The first company in the Midwest U.S. to specialize in industrial magnetic solutions. Storch will open your eyes to magnets and their capabilities. They were featured at the inaugural Made in America event. What did you think of the show?

Matt Carr: I think it’s an exciting opportunity for manufacturers that may have used digital marketing in the past to come into an organization of Made in America that is celebrating things of quality and things that are made here. We never stopped making products in the United States–Storch has been around since 1952. It’s exciting to celebrate this rebirth and all this reshoring.

Talor: I like this idea of the trade show. You eluded to it before, that need for tangible space in which to showcase products, highlight what’s made here in America, and give people an actual thing to hold in their hand to see that manufacturing in real time.

Matt: Right. I think I was lost, too. We all went through this digital age that was really nice to be able to say you’re online and you’ve got a presence–your customers are seeing that. What they don’t see is that you’ve got American ingenuity and American quality. I haven’t found a really good way of showing that in a website or a handout piece of literature. So, coming back to trade shows and having product that has this ‘wow’ factor that’s exciting and delivers like it should–this is the place to do that.

Talor: Right. And Storch is involved in magnets, that’s your claim to fame. You’ve mentioned that ‘wow’ factor before and that’s what you’re all about: what magnets can do from sustainability to working with law enforcement. Tell me about Storch and your customers.

Matt: It’s hard to boil it all down into something that’s 30 seconds, but Storch products offers the world’s strongest magnets in virtually every

Storch Products Supermag category–that’s our claim to fame. This year, Storch will ship its 200 millionth magnet since 1952. We have testing facilities in Michigan where we can test inbound product and make sure it fits the qualifications. We’re one of the only companies that does that. Outside, we take those raw materials and feature products in virtually every industry like you said. We’re in recycling, mining, metal processing, and now, we’ve got our Supermag product line. We’re pulling hazardous metal debris out of every surface that we live on. Roads that we drive on have hazardous metal debris, whether it’s nails or metal scraps, it’s something that’s causing flat tires. Flat tires are at a rate of 220 million a year. There’s a tremendous

amount of tires that are being wasted. Companies like Michelin who are working with Storch have already gone in the direction of an airless tire. That’s going to be the future of tires. We’re just trying to make it safer with less debris on the roadways. The Supermag sits on the front of a country or municipal truck. It sucks all that debris up off the shoulder.

Talor: What’s the product that you’re debuting here?

Matt: Storch offers a fishing magnet, and I wanted to debut it here because it is the world’s largest fishing magnet. It is 108 inches wide and has capability of lifting a couple thousand pounds. This will help keep shores and beaches safe by removing things like fish hooks and screw off tops.

Talor: I think there’s an understood responsibility in slapping a Made in USA sticker on your product or package. Your transcending your company and bearing the image of your country and the capabilities that it has. Does that ever weigh on you?

Matt: It does. I think the turnaround for our company when we really started to see growth was recognizing and going back to the roots and making things the way they used to be. I’m a hotrodder–that’s my passion. When I put that aside and put all the focus back into the company and hotrod the product line–made sure the paint finish was show-ready and the welts showed the way they needed to–it exceeded every customer’s expectation. That’s the difference. That’s what Made in America is to me. 

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