Steel Dynamics Pays an Average of $110,000 to Workers

steel workers at mill plant

As mentioned in a previous article written by CPA Chief Economist Jeff Ferry, the average salary is $94,252 for the steel industry. Also, there are 147 industrial manufactring projects that were started in October, according to Thomas Net.

Well-Paid Steel Jobs

High wages, as well as good benefit packages, are a trademark feature of the industry. Table 1 shows the pay levels of the median employee at America’s four largest steel companies. These figures are published in SEC filings and are required to be accurate under US securities laws.

Table 1.

Top Major Companies of this Industry: Annual Compensation for Median Employee, 2018
Nucor $106,097
Steel Dynamics $110,233
US Steel $ 73,872
AK Steel $ 86,804
Major steel company average $ 94,252

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