SportShaker USA Contains100% Made in USA and FDA Approved Materials

SportShaker was founded on a simple mission: create quality American Made fitness accessories. Their shaker bottles are 100% Made in the USA and use FDA approved materials, so you don’t have to worry about toxins or unwanted contaminants. SportShaker USA is a virgin resin plastic that takes that worry away.

After years of working for foreign fitness accessory manufacturers and witnessing the toxic manufacturing process firsthand, cofounder Brad Meyer vowed to create a shaker collection that was completely safe and transparent with customers.

“There wasn’t a single company manufacturing shaker bottles in the USA from the molding process all the way through,” said Vice President Troy Cantu. “Because of the connections we had already made in the industry, we decided we could do it ourselves.”

Brad partnered up with Elgin Kristinik of Prime Products, Inc., an all-American drinkware manufacturer based in Texas, and began creating a truly safe product the health and wellness industry deserves. Since 2018, they’ve sold thousands of wholesale customized shaker bottles to companies and brands.

Sportshaker usaSportShaker USA shakers are FDA and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Certified. CPSIA is the federal certification used for toys and other consumer products.

“If you were to test a Chinese manufactured shaker bottle using the CPSIA process, it would never pass,” said Cantu.

SportShaker ‘s products are certifiably safe because they make sure the plastic they discard during production doesn’t get regrinded and actually donate unwanted plastic. In many foreign factories when a plastic product turns out deformed, they regrind and reuse the plastic. This creates added toxins that would not pass a safety check in the United States.

“Although people think recycling is always a good thing, when you recycle/regrind these types of plastics like they do overseas, it creates toxins and unwanted contaminants in the plastic.  Using a shaker cup with a mixing element can create small scratches inside the shaker cup that can allow bacteria to build up.”

sportshaker usa made in usaAfter two years of selling wholesale as a private label manufacturer, SportShaker is preparing to sell direct to consumer within the next couple months. While they’ll have customizable shakers available, their branded shaker will feature their name and an American flag. Cantu and Meyer are excited to showcase the product at Made in America 2021.

“We have a product that nobody really has in the supplement industry that’s Made in America,” said Cantu. “We’re just really excited to connect with other suppliers, promotional companies, and retailers…This is a big opportunity that aligns with our beliefs.”

To learn more about SportShaker and view their shaker bottles, click here.

Come see the SportShakerUSA team at Made in America 2021!

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