Spencer Strainers Achieve Success in Being Made In America

Spencer Strainers, Made In AmericaMade In America Spencer Strainers

Spencer Strainer Systems was founded in 1995 as a division of Spencer Machine & Tool Company in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Glenn Spencer developed a permanent, self-cleaning, stainless steel filter/strainer for a local toothpaste manufacturer, who was tired of the waste and labor costs associated with disposable filter media, and static screens.

The company went on to find other applications to meet, saving many clients material and labor costs with this permanent solution. Today, Spencer Strainer Systems are found worldwide in a vast range of applications. The systems are manufactured in the company’s sole facility, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. These units remove particles from a liquid flow.

“Outside-In” Filtration

Spencer Strainers achieve success in difficult applications, due to the design, which introduces product to be filtered on the outside of a rotating screen. Stationary wipers clean the screen continuously, enabling constant operation.

This design is particularly effective in high-viscosity applications. It also allows internal reinforcement of screens, if necessary, to prevent deformation.

Spencer StrainersMaterials of Construction

All Spencer Strainers are constructed of type 316L stainless steel. Other materials such as wipers and bushings, are tailored to the application and include Teflon, Delrin, Peek, Bronze, and Titanium. Durability is achieved through selection of the materials.

Prompt Lead Times

Spencer Strainer Systems clients enjoy industry-leading production windows, for the equipment itself, and replacement parts. Because of an extensive parts inventory, many parts can be shipped the same day, if ordered by noon Eastern Time. 

Proven ApplicationsSpencer Strainers are used in many industrial and food-grade applications. 3 of the most numerous are: peanut butter, toothpaste, and paint. Tomato sauces, polymers, caustic backwashes, orange juice, polymers, and paper mill flows are some others. A detailed list can be found at www.spencerstrainer.com

3A Certification

Spencer Strainer is the only self-cleaning filter-strainer to hold certification from 3A, for the dairy industry. Made in America.

As a small manufacturer in Jeffersonville, Indiana, we realize how important it is to support our U.S. manufacturing community. We are grateful to our customers who feel the same way.

Models and Capabilities


Spencer Strainers are built to order, assembled from our extensive parts inventory, to meet the specific application needs of our customers.

Our Capabilities include:

ASME code compliance.

High pressure ratings.

Materials compatible with a wide range of flows.

Custom configurations to meet space and piping requirements.

Explosion-proof motors for classified environments.

Screen opening sizes 25 micron and above.

Automated purge valve systems.

Test Lease Program

We are now offering a monthly lease on most models. This enables you to verify the strainer’s performance in your application at low risk. Test leases are also available on customized equipment. Costs may vary. 

Contact Us

We are ready to help with your filtration needs. Our website is www.spencerstrainer.com. Phone is 800-801-4977.

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