Small Business Saturday: Made in America Partners Featured on Fox News

Last year for Small Business Saturday, Fox & Friends showcased some of our partners and their amazing American made products. Check out what they have to offer!

It is small business Saturday! We are shopping small all morning out here on Fox Square.

F&F: Metal Art of Wisconsin is way on the other side of the country! Shane Henderson is the president and CEO of Metal Art of Wisconsin. With full disclosure to everyone out there, I’m a big fan. I actually have one of each of these. They’re super cool. Tell us where the idea came from for what you do.

Shane: I started cutting patriotic metal art in my garage with my son a couple years go and put it on Instagram. They went viral and now we have 20 employees and a big factory. It’s a huge company that happened by accident.

F&F: You started in your garage! This feels like the definition of the American dream–doing something you love, consumers respond to it, and you make a quality product. So, how does this work?

Shane: This is a concealment flag with 16 gage inlet steel. You hang it on the wall and it has biometric fingerprint scanning technology. Scans your finger and reveals all your dirty little secrets.

[both laugh]

F&F: That’s why I need two of them!

Shane: This one’s for the ladies, it’s called the Speakeasy Vault. Once it recognizes your fingerprint, it opens up and it holds your wine and other alcohol.

F&F: Look at that! And what’s your website?


F&F: This would be a great Christmas gift as well!

F&F: From metal art to makeup, we’re here with Randa Fahmy, the founder of Makeup America!

Randa: Hi! Good morning to everyone out there on Fox & Friends. This is a brand new made in America cosmetic line. Most beauty products aren’t made in America and I really wanted to reflect the America spirit of diversity, freedom, beauty, and independence. We’re priced patriotically–it’s $17.76 and $13.76–and we’re named patriotically.

F&F: Also, a portion of your proceeds go towards giving back to America. Tell us a little about that.

Randa: That’s right! Our social purpose is something very fiscally responsible. We give a dollar of every product sold to paying down the U.S. national debt, which is $22 trillion and growing and unordinary affects American women.

F&F: How did you come up with this concept and then think about how you could do something with this for good?

Randa: I am a child of immigrants and I love America. I wanted to do something that reflected the freedom and independence of America. There were no beauty products out there that talked about America and the red, white, and blue. I filled the white space with red, white, and blue. Once I got started, it was so easy to come up with all the names and the pricing and the brand. Entirely made in America!

F&F: And people can find you where?


Make sure to support these brands and others like them this Saturday for Small Business Saturday!

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