Small Business Owners Say “Buy American, Buy Local, and Give Back”

The holidays are upon us and many Americans are doing their shopping online to avoid large crowds. In recent months, large retailers like Walmart and Target have done especially well in online sales, leaving small businesses to struggle through the pandemic.

However, many small businesses are adapting to the new way of consumption and have started online sales and other alternative methods.

A few small business owners recently joined Fox newscasters to discuss the importance of shopping small this holiday season.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday reminds us to shop small. This year, it’s even more important. 46 percent of small business owners say they are counting on above average holiday sales to stay afloat.

We’ve got some small business owners in the spotlight this morning. Join me now is Felicia Parker, Cofounder and Senior Vice President of Any Occasion Baskets; James Mohan, Chief Design Officer for FORLOH, Inc.; and Dean Wegner, Founder and CEO of Authentically American.

Interviewer: Good morning to all of you! Felicia, I’d like to start with you. First of all, you’ve said that 90 percent of your business has disappeared throughout this pandemic. Tell us about how hard it’s been and what you’re doing to combat.

Felicia Parker Small Business Owner

Felicia: It was a challenge when the pandemic first hit. We were doing really good with our sales in the last year and then we came into this year and Covid hit, it really devastated our business, so I just had to take a quiet moment to figure out what we were going to do. We decided to start giving back to the frontline workers at the hospitals and donate some baskets to thank them from a distance for all that they were doing in that time. It was an awesome opportunity to serve our community like we save we want to do.

Interviewer: James, something that became more obvious to me over the past several months and more emotionally impactful is the importance of shopping small and what this day is about. Tell me, what are you asking customers to do on Small Business Saturday?

James Mohan of FORLOH Inc. small business

James: Basically we’re asking our consumers to visit us online and see what we have as an offering. We are a brand new business–we started in July and our connection to the consumer has been through a premium hunting space. The best part of our business is that it’s completely source and manufactured in the USA.

Interviewer: Yes–Dean, I know that’s a message that you are echoing as well. That it’s not just shop small, but shop local. Tell me what you guys are doing at Authentically American to help consumers do that.

Dean Wegner Small Business Owner

Dean: Absolutely. We are a veteran-owned American made premium apparel brand. Our vision is to build the next Nike, Under Armour, or Land’s End–but all created here, creating American jobs. It’s not just shop small, it’s shop American made.

Interviewer: Small Business Saturday. You have three businesses here that are all hammering out the same important message: Buy American, Buy Local and Give Back. I wish you all the best of luck through this difficult time and I’m sure Americans will be there through the holiday season to support your business.

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