Scars and Stripes Coffee Helps Veterans Get Back on Their Feet

During his time as an employee at a veteran’s hospital, Chad Watts worked with hundreds of wounded veterans who inspired him every day. “While working at the VA, I saw how brave the veterans were and how they never talked about their scars,” said Watts. “I decided I wanted to do something for them—maybe start a business dedicated to raising funds for veterans.” In December 2018, Watts’ idea came to life when he opened Scars and Stripes Coffee.

Scars and Stripes gives veterans the opportunity to make money by selling their coffee and merchandise. Each veteran who signs up on their website will receive a veteran code, and whenever a customer uses their code to buy coffee, shirts, or gear, that veteran earns commission. This process helps veterans get back on their feet after returning to everyday life and allows them to make an income while working with other veterans. “What we’re doing is very simple,” said Watts, “we’re empowering veterans and giving them the skill set to start their own business. It creates mission, purpose and accountability.” While the company has only been open for six months, they’ve already sold 6,000 pounds of coffee and have a team of 170 veterans and counting.

The coffee for sale on their website, called “Downrange”, is dark roast and comes in a 12-ounce bag. While the coffee beans are harvested in Brazil, they are 100% roasted and processed in the U.S. Since American pride is so important to Watts and his team, they will begin selling Kona bean coffee in coming months from Hawaii. “The coffee is great quality, but what we care about most is helping these veterans get back on their feet,” included Watts.

Scars and Stripes Coffee will be a proud exhibitor at Made in America 2019. Empower the troops and order yours at:

  1. This sounds like a great opportunity. Please contact me I’m very interested.
    Randy Carlton, USMC, LtCol (Ret)
    [email protected]
    Website is for my book,”Child of Stone”.

  2. would like to get involved with selling this project. Please let me know how i need to proceed.Thank you, Roy glassey. Veteran.

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