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Kenny Finley, Founder and CEO of SawHaul, learned his lesson the hard way; never place a saw in the bucket of your tractor. Ever since his expensive saw bounced out and was run over, he began a mission to find a better way to transport a chainsaw safely and securely. Unable to find anything to purchase, he began tinkering with ideas to solve this problem that so many people around the world have. After several years of field-testing and many trips back to the drawing board, Kenny has finally found the perfect combination of American-Made Steel and American Made Special UV-Resistant plastics to make the SawHaul the must-have accessory for every wood-cutter out there. 

SawHaul began in the typical fashion of industry, in the garage. Kenny and his wife, Shannon, and their two kids worked countless hours after their day jobs to create, source, test, and re-design the SawHaul systems.They worked several years to get the final working prototype that they were comfortable sending to production, and even more importantly, putting their name behind. After designing and launching a website, SawHaul hasn’t looked back. Now with SawHaul dealer locations worldwide, SawHaul has become the epitome of the American Dream and has shown how a family dedicated to hard work, making sacrifices, and pouring their blood, sweat, and tears, can really make something very successful, and not have to have it made overseas to be profitable.SawHaul Logo

SawHaul is also fortunate enough to live within the footprint of two of America’s best metal and plastics manufacturing enterprises (B&W Trailer Hitches and Neodesha Plastics), which happen to be located within 20 miles of their hometown in Chanute, KS. SawHaul has partnered with them to begin mass production.  In doing so, SawHaul has been able to try their best to help provide relief to a rather depressed economic region. SawHaul even partners with local hardware stores to source components for their products. Not only that, but then they send the hardware components to Tri-Valley for bagging.  Tri-Valley is a group that helps developmentally-challenged individuals secure an income to work towards becoming self-sufficient and productive members of our community. It became extremely clear how SawHaul was ahead of the game when the Pandemic hit. While other companies are waiting on cargo to arrive from overseas, SawHaul is able to run down the road to get supplies, materials, keep people employed and parts in stock. According to Kenny, the CEO of SawHaul, “There just isn’t a better feeling than going to the factories, going out onto the floor,  and being able to look our partners in the eyes, shaking hands and thanking the individuals who are making our products.  We are just so happy, and mainly proud, we not only have kept our stuff Made In America but in our small little neck of the woods”

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