Sacramento! The Best American Made Bloody Mary Mix on the Market

red gold sacramentoRich color, exceptional quality, and fresh flavor tantalize the taste buds with the new Sacramento Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix. A product brought to you by Red Gold, a company rich with American history. 

In fact, Red Gold has been working with local farm families for four generations. The father-daughter duo that began this company in a once abandoned Indiana cannery,  is now a full-time operation with over 50 partnerships with Midwestern growers. Producing all kinds of fantastic tomato products.

According to Datassential, Bloody Marys on menus are up 8% in the past four years and 33% in the last ten years. But the story gets even better when operators leverage their beverages with Bloody Maria’s (tequila instead of vodka), up 14% in a year and 315% since 2016. Mexican Micheladas are also up 11% in the last year and 57% since 2016.

Red Gold noticed this trend and wanted to make sure their product was meeting the industry’s needs. So, they went to work on a product that they had established, but had been sold in a can and wasn’t as appealing as other top brands on the market.

The team went to work with 10 of the nation’s top restaurant Beverage Directors and National Bar Operations Managers to create a mix that offered superior flavor, texture, color, heat, quality, and preference. Packaged in a glass bottle with a vintage label, designed to entice customers to order that delicious drink.

As an American consumer, wouldn’t it make you feel even more excited to order that delicious Bloody, stuffed with bacon, shrimp, and who knows what else….knowing that you are supporting American farmers, families, and drinking American Made?

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