Round House Jeans: Made by the American Worker, for the American Worker

Since 1903, Round House Jeans have been an American classic. Based in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Round House was named after the Round House Railroad Station in Shawnee, where hundreds of trains roared through the town each day. Back then, Round House jeans and overalls quickly became a favorite among railway workers.

Old Photo of men wearing round house jean overalls

Over 100 years later, Round House Jeans are still held to high standards and produced in three separate factories in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. The company is the largest manufacturer of American made jeans and the oldest operating domestic manufacturer in Oklahoma. Their jeans are tough, affordable, and made to last!

Each pair of Round House jeans or overalls features quality fabric, triple-stitched seams, bar-tacked strain points, reinforced pockets, proportioned fit, competitive prices and quick turnaround. Round House makes about 1,000 pairs of American Made jeans and overalls every day in Oklahoma and other locations, and they export to Asia, Europe and Australia. The Round House brand name remains an authentic symbol of American workmanship and spirit, and their quality jeans and overalls are built on 115 years of high standards.

Thanks to the hundreds of workers who have called the Round House Manufacturing Company their home throughout the years, the Round House® trademark remains an authentic and enduring symbol of superior workmanship and American spirit. Manufactured with the same good quality and high standards that were established decades ago, the Round House® brand means fine quality fabric, triple-stitched seams that hold, bar-tacked strain points, deep, reinforced pockets, proportioned fit, competitive prices, and quick turnaround.

Take a look at the production process:

Each day, Round House produces an estimated 1,250 jeans and overalls, which works out to about 25,000 a month and about 300,000 a year.

“We compete with companies in Bangladesh where they pay 10 cents an hour in labor costs,” Says Vice President David Antosh.

The company takes pride in its treatment of their employees, about 90 percent of which are  women. Their quality treatment of employees has resulted in a low turnaround rate and thus, quality products crafted by experienced workers. Better yet, their jeans are priced competitively to compete with lower quality foreign manufacturers. At only about $40 per pair, their jeans are higher quality and support the American worker.

Jennifer Aniston in Round House Jeans Overalls“We stay ahead [of competitors] by these things-having employees with a lot of experience who focus on quality and efficiency,” David says. “To compete against foreign-made companies with tremendously lower labor costs, our employees have to stay ultra-quick, efficient and error-free.”

When Round House first started, jeans were an all-American classic only worn in the states. Today, the trend has taken over the world–Round House exports to over 20 countries who are interested in the classic American style. Their jeans and overalls are worn by public figures like Jennifer Aniston, Donald Trump, and Neil Patrick Harris, among others.

“They’re just really interested in American culture and American goods,” David says.

Despite popularity growing in foreign countries, Round House’s customer base is still very much close to home. “We still do about 85 percent of sales in the U.S.,” David proudly says. “We just appeal to the American workers in what they want.”

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