Rochester Abrasives Industries, American Grade American Made

Rochester Abrasives Industries believes in redesigning the wheel, in fact, they do it every day. Starting from scratch, RAI gets ‘granular’ with the details in order to deliver top-quality solutions.

RAI's Manufacturing FacilityRochester Abrasives Industries is built upon a belief that the industrial grinding industry needs a leader who can take care of the present-day demands while also focusing proactively on future opportunities ‘to help companies meet their customers’ demands and expectations. Helping companies remain agile and competitive, RAI’s leadership makes staying one step ahead a priority. Committed to the highest standards of quality RAI takes pride in each and every one of its American Made products.

The Process

To create a wheel one must first understand machine design and the process. This will dictate a certain level of rigidity, dampening capability, and potential limitations of the grinding system. To create what each customer needs.

Research and Development

Innovation is RAI’s lifeblood for future business and progress within the industry. They offer a deep understanding of grinding applications and years of experience testing and developing bond systems, formulations, and special products. 

Creating complete new bond chemistry for special applications, custom formulate grain coatings for unique adhesion and breakdown characteristics and introducing unique additives to enhance and unleash new characteristics. 


Workmanship comes from a deep understanding of what you are doing. It’s getting hands-on real-life experience, skilled training, and continuous development. RAI has a century of experience with abrasive manufacturing. Committing to utilize the latest equipment, RAI is able to produce grinding wheels of quality, consistency, and durability, all Made In America.

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