RepelWell Partners with American Manufacturers to Produce Products of Protection

RepelWell Products

RepelWell partners with manufacturers in America to produce two products of protection. One product is an eco-friendly stain and water repellent line that covers just about anything. The other product is an FDA-approved, maximum-strength liquid hand sanitizer. 

Repelwell is an innovative, forward-thinking organization made up of a team of scientists and industry professionals. They have teamed up with manufacturers to produce the products in America, and Chicago is home to the blending/bottling facility where they are able to produce a maximum of 30,000 bottles per day.

The products are designed to seal and protect from liquid and particulates, on whatever surfaces they are applied to. Repelwell has invested years of research and countless trials under real-world conditions to develop and perfect its coating products. The goal is, to create products that would perform robustly under a myriad of application requirements and conditions, with none of the dangerous and toxic drawbacks to individuals and the environment of some of the traditional protective coatings.


Liquid Hand Sanitizer


Raise your hand if you have a bottle of liquid hand sanitizer. 

Now, raise your hand if it is Made In America

Most likely, you have never even looked or asked, right?


With RepelWell’s liquid hand sanitizer, you are getting a product that exceeds the CDC’s recommendation for protection. In fact, their formula is 80% alcohol, opposed to the 60% recommended by the CDC. This is done to make sure the consumer is receiving a product that is the most effective at reducing harmful bacteria and killing germs. Which, with the Coronavirus and flu season upon us, this is a must-have, so why not choose a better product that also is Made In America.

Protective Coatings

RepelWell Shorts Left Treated Right Not Treated

RepelWell produces a line of protective coatings that offer complete surface protection, all while being a natural and non-toxic product. RepelWell’s technology encapsulates the surface in a molecular glass coating to protect against soiling, commonly known as liquid glass. Liquid glass is pure, safe, quartz glass or silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide is the most abundant mineral on earth and the chief ingredient in glass. It is also found in many foods and liquids. Making a product that is safe for humans, pets, and the environment.


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