Redneck Riviera’s Howdy Dew

Make your cooler “cool” again with Redneck Riviera’s Howdy Dew. Howdy Dew is 12 ounces of natural flavored and lightly carbonated fruit punch in a ready-to-drink can. At 5.5% ABV, it’s the perfect “Tip it. Sip it. Chug it.” drink to get any party started!

redneck riviera howdy dew

Redneck Riviera is the producer of this refreshing beverage. A company owned by American Country Music Singer-songwriter John Rich of Big & Rich.

Starting this company was a way to celebrate the men and women who make America the greatest nation in the world. It’s based on not only a work ethic that’s second to none but also a passion for making the most of every moment.

Redneck Riviera has grown rapidly over the years. After starting out selling apparel, the Redneck Riviera brand has expanded with the Redneck Riviera Bar in Nashville, a line of jerky and its very own spirit, Redneck Riviera Whiskey. Redneck Riviera is proud of being an American company, that employs American people and is committed to Make everything they can In America.

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