Red Gold Foods To Exhibit at Made in America Event 2021

Red Gold Foods’s family story began in 1942 when the government asked citizens to step up and help the war effort by supplying food for our troops.   For four generations, the company continues to work with local farm families to grow the highest-quality best tasting tomatoes in the world.  

red gold will be at made in america 2021 event

Through their core values of quality, customer service and competitive pricing, the family is involved in all aspects of the company and the 1300 employees that they work with everyday. With 23 different product categories, 389 different combos of flavors and cuts, the Reichart family has always remained committed to having the best quality tomatoes, employees, growers, and customer service in the industry. 

We are honored to have them back at the Made In America 2021 event this year, October 1 – 3 in beautiful Louisville, KY. Tim Ingle, Senior Vice President of Red Gold expressed his excitement for the event.

Tim Ingle will feature at Made in America 2021 event“Red Gold is an All-American family company,” says Ingle. “We never wanted to be the biggest, but always focused on being the very best. We exhibited at the first ever Made in America conference, and wondered what value we would possibly gain…But I can tell you that our family ownership and the entire company has seen the value almost immediately and that momentum and energy has propelled our business further.

Made in America is where American manufacturers come together and see what is new and innovative while networking with other American Made brands. You will see media opportunities like no other show, and learn from others about the benefits of being Made in America.. How does what you purchase affect American jobs? When a manufacturer is forced to locate outside of the USA, how many people does this impact and how can we be a part of this movement and change?

We have made so many friends, partnerships, and business opportunities that I never imagined possible.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Made in America and to build our future brand initiatives that support the mission thank you Made In America Team.”

Manufacturers from small to multi-billion dollar companies are coming together for one cause.

Let’s introduce you to a show that is about supporting all American Made products and working to facilitate real change and relationships that will last for generations to come.

I encourage you to join us. Click here to find out more.

  1. Does Red Gold source it’s tomato paste and tomatoes from American producers or use Chinese produced tomato paste for some but maybe not all of it’s products? No where can I find that Red Gold uses solely American produce. I would like the answer to say “no Chinese tomato paste” but I think this story might be misleading. China owns the world market on tomato paste which made me wary of all of Red Gold’s claim.

  2. Have used Red Gold diced tomatoes in my chili for years!! Best I have ever found. They are getting harder to find at the stores around here though.

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