Institute for Advanced Manufacturing (RCBI) Brings Product Ideas to Life

Institute for Advanced Manufacturing (RCBI) Brings Product Ideas to Life

3D Printing, CNC, Reverse Engineering, Design, & Training Resources Accessible to Companies Large & Small

For more than 30 years, the Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) at Marshall University has delivered innovative solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500 companies – by providing access to the latest advanced technology, engineering expertise and training to move new products from concept to commercialization, improve manufacturing processes and ensure a highly skilled, just-in-time workforce.      

RCBI assists organizations and companies across the United States in many industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, energy, defense and transportation. While clients include such heavyweights as NASA, or Northrop Grumman and Toyota’s plants in West Virginia, the majority of those that RCBI works with are smaller manufacturers or individuals that wouldn’t otherwise have access to the latest technology and know-how they need to innovate and grow. Its technical staff of machinists, technicians and engineers boast more than 750 years of manufacturing and industry experience to help solve the most difficult manufacturing challenges.

RCBI provides more than $20 million in high-tech equipment for leased use by individual entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes through a process developed and coined at RCBI known as Shared Manufacturing: You provide the operator and raw materials, while RCBI provides the advanced technology and expert staff assistance to help you use it. 

From its Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centers across West Virginia, RCBI operates and provides leased use of a wide array of manufacturing equipment, everything from CNC mills and lathes to waterjet and laser cutters, multi-axis machining and electrical discharge machining (EDM) centers, injection molders and a wide range of additive manufacturing technology, better known as 3D printing. 

RCBI offers a stable of 3D printers for rapid prototyping, modeling and limited-rate production of end-use parts from a variety of materials including resins, polymers, carbon fiber and even metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and Inconel. Since 2009 RCBI has developed 3D printing processes that meet industry needs. RCBI provides additive technology that is credited with revolutionizing the design, development and manufacture of products for the medical, consumer, design and architecture, the arts, tourism and energy markets.

In addition, RCBI delivers an array of custom training either on-site at your location, at its facilities or, in some cases, online using proven internet-based platforms. Topics include everything from computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM), blueprint reading and precision measurement, to CNC programming and operation, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and welding. 

RCBI also delivers additional quality services training and implementation assistance in such areas as ISO 9001, AS9100, TS16949, occupational safety and health, environmental, continual process improvement including Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, risk management and Emotional Intelligence, to name just a few. RCBI can help your company establish an effective quality system that leads to lean, environmentally responsible, healthy and safe environments for your employees to produce quality products and services for your existing clients or to diversify to reach new markets. 

The Apprenticeship Works initiative at RCBI helps manufacturers develop registered apprenticeship programs in 20 different manufacturing occupations, including CNC operations, maintenance technician, tool & die, and additive manufacturing. Through an apprenticeship program, companies can hire for potential and upskill their employees to their specific work processes.

Apprenticeship Works offers a full range of services including:

  • Consultation on developing a customized apprenticeship program
  • Extensive outlines for on-the-job training
  • Training materials and a tracking system, offered entirely online
  • National sponsorship, which reduces the administrative workload for the employer

Supported by the U.S. Department of Labor, Apprenticeship Works currently partners with manufacturers in 19 states. These manufacturers represent a variety of industries including automotive, defense, wood products, and more. Apprenticeship Works also strives to grow and diversity the manufacturing workforce by support pre-apprenticeship programs for youth, women and veterans. 

In the coming weeks Made in America will feature American-made products RCBI has helped launched recently.

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