Quality RV Air Filters Made In America by NASCAR Drivers

FilterTime RV Air Filter full line picAfter spending two of his best years as a NASCAR driver, Blake Koch decided it was time to make something that at the time, was just an idea. Blake wanted to offer people an air filter subscription service with a product that was quality and Made In America. After all, air filtration is definitely something that a NASCAR driver knows a lot about.

Blake’s experience being on the road so often meant that there was a lot to catch up on once he returned home. Many times, the air filter is the task that was forgotten. Realizing that he had uncovered a niche market and that his desire was to pursue opening a business, he enlisted Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Jr. and Blake both have spent a lot of time in their RV’s over the years. With the popularity of RVing on the rise, they came to the conclusion that it only made sense to introduce a high-quality, precision-cut RV air filter that is Made In America as well.

“Having our filters made in America is something Blake and I are really proud of. Not only does being teamed up with a local manufacturer support jobs, it’s cool being able to see our products being made right here in person.” – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

FilterTime™ makes their RV Air Filter with a MERV rating that, using two separate layers in their RV air filter, allows it to block allergens like pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and dust. It also will help you protect your investment. With many DIY options on the market, you can easily end up with an air filter that is too dense or too thick. This can cause your AC to freeze. Taking it in for repair means long wait times or appointments months out. No one cares to deal with all that.

This RV Air Filter by the NASCAR duo is locally sourced, will last all year, and will fit most common A/C brands. It meets the standards of an RV A/C warranty, so you can rest assured that if there is a problem with your A/C your warranty will be satisfied if using the FilterTime RV Air Filter.




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