Psudo Sneakers are Sustainable, Unique, and American Made

Psudo Sneakers are Sustainable, Unique, and American Made

As a 25-year veteran in the shoe industry, sneaker fanatic Michael Rich has travelled all over the globe making shoes in foreign markets. For years, he dreamed of creating a sneaker brand of the future–one that was American made, eco friendly, and high quality. In late 2019, his dream came to fruition when he launched Psudo Sneakers.

Since then, Psudo has been a self-funded, independent company founded on a dedication to eco-friendliness, ethical labor, and staying local. Sourcing materials is a complicated business and finding domestic partners just as committed to quality is neither easy, nor cheap.

sneakers“After a while, it was difficult to keep the sneakers at a low price-point,” says Michael. “We recently raised our prices a little because quality is most important to us. We want to make a great product, and if we cheapen the materials and labor we use then we would never make it.”

Psudo sneakers are unique from other sneakers not just by their eco friendly and American made nature, but by the physical design of the shoe. The shoes are slip-ons with printed on designs to make it appear as though there are laces.

“I came up with this way of making the sneaker look more complicated and intricate without all the parts and pieces,” says Michael.

The simple design of the shoe makes it so that Michael is able to source 100% from America and use recycled materials for 79% of the shoe. According to Michael, the repurposed material doesn’t feel like traditional sneaker material–it has a unique stretch to it for ultimate comfort.

“Of course, I’m very biased, but they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn!”

Although the company launched right before Covid lockdowns swept the United States, Michael says that hasn’t had an effect on his production or inventory.

psudo sneakers“There’s a simplicity with U.S. manufacturing, where I can pivot very, very easily to change products,” he says. Many importers don’t have the same advantage, which was made very apparant as Covid lockdowns backed up overseas shipping routes from China and other heavily affected areas.

As for his suppliers, the materials are sourced from all over the U.S. The fabric is woven in a facility in New Jersey, the soles are made in Missouri, and some fabric is made from recycled plastics into yarn in a North Carolina facility. They then are shipped to Texas, where the final product is produced.

While the brand is still in its early stages, popularity is growing for the slip-on sneaker. According to Michael, the most popular print for men and women is the rainbow sneaker.

At Psudo, the dream is to deliver the most sustainable sneaker in the world. They only source American materials, only employ locals, and want to build a community around being grateful and giving back.

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  2. Love the shoes, however I have a really narrow foot. Do your shoes come in different widths?

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