360-Degree Images of Your American Made Products

Does your e-commerce website need improvement, but you don’t know where to start? Often, times the most valuable asset of an e-commerce website is its product images. There’s no better way to highlight a product than through high-quality product photography and 360 degree images.

john kringas product photgraphyJohn Kringas is no stranger to the world of making great photography–transitioning from a staff photographer as an award-winning photojournalist at the Chicago Tribune, to commercial photography and digital product photography. In fact, John was one of the first photographers to ever use 100% digital photography.

Before John began his own venture with Product Xposure, he interned at some of the best newspapers in the country, including the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and the Grand Rapids Press while in college. Upon graduation, he found his place at the Chicago Tribune where he worked as a staff photographer for 14 years. He traveled all over the U.S. capturing images of sporting games, presidential campaigns, and other newsworthy events.

But, while the world of newspapers was growing at an exciting rate, John decided to leave the industry to spend time with his family and pursue his personal goals.

“It truly was a fantasy, but at the same time I was fortunate enough to have two young boys.,” John said. “I didn’t need another award on my wall, and I wanted to be with my boys.”

While at home, John transitioned and expanded his digital photography skills a fairly new craft at the time. He founded a wedding business and commercial photography, shooting images for magazines and television shows.

As print photography slowly started to lose a following in the mid 2000s, John found himself at a tradeshow. He met with Sears representatives who had 150,000 products at the show that were not available for viewing online. So, he decided to take on the task of capturing 150,000 product images for Sears in a short amount of time.

It was during his time with Sears that John realized his potential as a high-volume product photographer.

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 John is now also offering 360 images. Using a 360-degree photography table, he is able to capture extremely high-quality photos at high volume.

John has designated most of his professional time to product photography and especially enjoys catering to his American Made customers. He’s excited to meet new friends and colleagues at Made in America 2021.

“Made in America rocks, why wouldn’t you be at Made in America?! I was the first booth to sign up!” said John.

At the inaugural Made in America event, John made some amazing connections that he still has to this day. One American Made company’s images he has helped to transform is Power Planter.

Thanks to John, Power Planter customers can now see a 360-degree view of each product before they place their order.

Join Product Xposure at Made in America 2021 in Louisville Kentucky on October 1st-3rd!

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