Toy Company Reshoring Jobs to U.S. from China after the Virus Outbreak

PolybloxA mother designed a toy, Polyblox totems, to teach children who have difficulty learning how to spell after first creating it to help teach her son.

Polyblox toy buyers were being told that it could be months before orders come in due to the plants being idled in China after the coronavirus outbreak. That may change thanks to the decision by CEO & inventor, Laresa Tapia, to bring those jobs back stateside. She told Spectrum News 13 in Orlando, “Being in the U.S. allows us to react faster and be more resilient to unforeseen events like the coronavirus or toy tariffs.”

Tapia said she plans on opening several manufacturing facilities across the U.S. for Polyblox each with an estimate of 50 employees next year and manufacture her toys only in the U.S. by 2021. “We plan on deploying an underutilized labor force, which are adults with special needs.”

Patented Polyblox are multilingual ABC spelling totems that teach joyful inclusion. Polyblox are nationally certified in S.T.E.A.M. and Socio-Emotional learning.

With Polyblox learning to spell becomes a hands-on, tactile experience. Each Classic set contains 14 solid wood totems carefully laser-etched with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, contextual pictures, geometric shapes, Braille, American Sign Language (ASL) and numbers that correlate to the letters to aid in sequencing the alphabet. When combined into words, this inclusive set encourages children to practice critical thinking skills and enables them to create over 150,000 unique words.

MADE IN AMERICA 2020 This is an American Made celebration and to continue the Made in the USA movement. There will be hundreds of manufacturers from across the country showcasing high-quality, U.S. made machines and products.

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