, Inc. Policy Statement., Inc. works with American Made manufacturers and brands to raise awareness of the benefits of empowering American Made and the damage caused by the offshoring movement. Our objective is to connect American manufacturers with patriotic consumers/businesses and to encourage other manufacturers to re-shore production to benefit the U.S. economy and supply chain.

Showcasing American Made Supports the following on this website and at our tradeshows.
Products labeled “Made in USA”, “Made In USA w/Domestic & Global Parts” and Manufactured In USA!

We Support

“Made in USA” claim is when a product is “all or virtually all” made in the United States per FTC guidelines.

The term “all or virtually all” means that all parts and processing for the product are in the USA and the product can only contain foreign content if it is small enough to be insignificant. Most importantly, its final assembly must be in the U.S. Here is an example from the National Institute of Standards and Technology:

“A gas grill has knobs that are imported, but the rest of the grill components are of U.S. origin. An unqualified ‘Made in USA’ claim is not likely to be deceptive because the knobs make up a negligible portion of the product’s total manufacturing costs and are insignificant parts of the final product.”

We Support with the following exception.

Products labeled “Made In USA w/Domestic & Global parts” or “Manufactured In USA” per the FTC guidelines. Requiring that any part(s) of the product that’s produced outside of the U.S. the manufacturer must demonstrate that “it can neither produce** the article, unit, or part(s) within the United States nor obtain the article, unit, or part of the merchandise from a domestic source” part(s) sourced can not exceed 49% of the overall cost to produce the product., Inc. assumes no responsibility for verification of compliance with Federal Trade Commission standards and assumes no responsibility in the case of noncompliance allegations. We may report violators to the FTC.