Package Right Manufacturing Puzzles and Board Games all Made In America

Package Right is an American company with nearly two decades of experience innovating the puzzle and board game manufacturing process. Based in Tipton, IN, each and every puzzle they produce are made in the United States of America.

The company began in 1991 with the desire to help the jigsaw puzzle and board game industries bring their visions to life. Even after a large expansion in 2017, along with a strategic business partnership with EPI Group, Package Right continued to manufacture solely in the United States of America.

Package right is made in americaWorking with an American manufacturer like Package Right helps avoid some extra costs that can be incurred when buying from overseas. Costs such as tariffs, extra space in shipping containers, and having to warehouse an abundance of products. All things that are currently causing others extreme delays in supplies with the current condition of the supply chain.

Package Right manufactures and assembles each puzzle and game in house. Many brokers must rely on outside providers to deliver their components, which gives Package Right greater control over costs, timing, and quality.

Package Right also does not compete with its clients. They do not make their own games. This means a company will never have to question the priority of their production or if their ideas are being used to benefit the manufacturer.

Holding themselves to a high standard of integrity in order to be the best for those creating jigsaw puzzles and games, they do not sway in the way they treat their customers and are dedicated to giving top-notch customer service. Even to the extent of helping to maximize customers’ profits. 

How can a manufacturer help maximize profits? By offering a full-service manufacturing center that includes design and the ability to produce almost every kind of puzzle and game likely in the customer’s line. This enables everything to be done under one roof which lowers costs of production, shipping, and more.

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