Package Right is Proud to be Made in America!

Package Right was founded in 1991 to help the jigsaw puzzle and board game industries bring their visions to life. They partner with some of the best known and most respected brands on the market to aid in the design and manufacturing of their puzzles and games. They trust Package right to help them compete effectively and grow their business.

In 2017, they became a member of the EPI Group. This is a strategic business partnership that has allowed them to expand production capabilities while keeping all of their manufacturing in the United States.

Made In America

Package Right is located in Tipton, Indiana. Every puzzle and game they produce is manufactured right here in the United States.

They manufacture and assemble each puzzle and game in house – unlike brokers who must rely on outside providers to deliver their components on time. This gives them greater control over costs, timing and quality.

Their Midwest location is centralized in the United States, which allows them to offer quicker shipping times and more cost effective warehousing solutions than their coastal counterparts.

Package right made in america 2019 puzzle

Before the first-ever Made in America Tradeshow, Package Right issues a statement expressing their excitement for the event:

“There’s a movement coming that will spark a revolution in the United States. A movement which encourages a renewed interest in choosing domestic manufacturing and products. Made in America, a trade show showcasing American made machinery and products, acts as a kick off point for the movement’s growth. Happening October 3-6 in Indianapolis, the trade show will feature hundreds of manufacturers from across the country.

We’re excited to join other American made companies in celebrating the work and products of American workers. Come to the show and stop by our booth to learn more about the ways we’re innovating the domestic puzzle and board game manufacturing process.”

Learn more about Package Right and their American made products at

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