Optimation Brings Industrial Projects to Life and Supports ‘Made in USA’

The next time you see an insulin pump, COVID vaccine, DNA test, or you put gas in your car, get an X-ray, buy fresh avocados, get bloodwork, or put in a new battery for a smoke detector, you are seeing something that was affected by an Optimation professional’s expertise. From concept to completion, we provide complete engineering, design, fabrication and automation services to businesses in many industries. Optimation was founded with a passion for manufacturing and the desire to provide industrial clients with a single source for projects ranging from simple upgrades and maintenance to turnkey solutions. We provide mechanical and process engineering and design, automation and systems integration, skilled trades fabrication and maintenance services for a variety of industries. Our ultimate goal is to develop lasting relationships with our clients, partnering together to promote and advance manufacturing.

optimation brings industrial projects to life


By Meghan Hayes, Director of Marketing

To bring our country back from economic destruction, one of the biggest things we can do that is completely within our control is to buy products that are made in the U.S.A! Sounds simple, but it can sometimes be challenging to find American made products. Navigating the web to do some online shopping that we have grown accustomed to during this pandemic can be as easy as searching the product you are looking for, and then typing “Made in the USA” after. You have to be careful though. Brands are aware that the Made in USA brand is more popular than it has been in decades and in some cases try to deceive you with flags, qualified made in USA claims and sometimes just outright intentional deception.

One of the main reasons to buy products made in America is keeping American manufacturing companies alive and growing. Biggest reason for purchasing something not made in America? Cost. The United States is rarely the cheapest option for any purchase. Truth of the matter? Buying direct from an American manufacturer can actually save you money. Even though it costs more to make it here you can support domestic producers and still pay the same price at the retail level.

We learned several lessons throughout this pandemic; one of which was the PPE shortage we faced while in the thick of this pandemic. We demanded on healthcare workers in an intense way, all while running short on protective equipment to keep them from getting sick or losing their lives. This stems from decades of off-shoring pharmaceuticals and medical supplies including PPE. It is time for America to be self-sufficient, and never to depend on a foreign country to supply us with protective equipment for any natural disaster, pandemic, etc. 

Jobs. The pandemic shut our economy down and millions of jobs were lost across the country. Some of these jobs will return, but there are a vast amount that will be unable to make a comeback. Bringing back American manufacturing can replace a lot of these jobs. In addition, manufacturing jobs are typically career jobs with higher pay and better benefits than in the retail or hospitality arena.

Optimation is so excited to join the Made in America tradeshow this fall to meet and network with American-made manufacturers!

Click here to join Optimation at Made in America 2021!

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