Cool Products (Literally). Made in America (Proudly).

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that July was the hottest month since record-keeping began 142 years ago. August is also shaping up to be a scorcher, but one manufacturing company in Red Wing, Minnesota is working overtime to help American workers beat the heat.

Xena Therapies is a Class 1 medical device manufacturer that makes cool therapy products under its Onyx Cool and Opal brands, all Made In America. These wearable therapies utilize a signature cooling technology: a plant-based phase change material (PCM) formulated to 58° for cool therapy or 80° for cool comfort.


This week, the company released a new product specifically designed to counteract heat stress and enhance worker safety and performance, the Onyx Cool 80° Pro Vest The Pro vest safely cools the core to maintain a comfortable body temp.  

Xena Therapies’ Founder and CEO, Tammy Lee, said Onyx Cool’s new Pro Vest is designed to keep workers safe and comfortable.   “The Pro Vest is tailor-made for people who work hard in the heat: construction and manufacturing workers; athletes; police, military and healthcare heroes.”

The Pro Vest contains Onyx Octa-Cool 80° PCM, which delivers a refreshing rush of cool relief when it comes in contact with your 98.6° degree body.  It’s designed for high-temp environments: outdoors – high heat and humidity; indoors – manufacturing plants and operating rooms. The Pro Vest provides long-lasting, soothing relief and stays cool for up to two hours. As the cooling PCM absorbs body heat, it changes phase and the cooling pods become clear. When not in use, it refreshes at room temperature or in your car or truck’s A/C — no refrigeration required.


Onyx Cool also make wearable therapies for injury repair and recovery in its 58° line.  The cooling phase change material draws heat away from injured areas and the cool (not too cold) therapy safely permeates tissues and joints while allowing for healthy blood flow to naturally heal the injury.  Onyx Cool’s orthopedic therapies are designed to treat the knee, shoulder, back and hip areas.

Onyx Cool’s sister brand, Opal, makes “Cool Products for Hot Women” that feature the same phase change cooling technology but target women’s health needs. Opal’s clinically-tested cool therapy products are designed by women, for women, at every age and stage of life – from motherhood through menopause and to treat MS and heat stress.

Opal’s bestselling Gal Pals are a Woman’s Breast Friends.  This flexible bra inserts cool to a soothing 58° and pair well with every woman. They are designed to relieve breast pain and soothe sore nipples; calm hot flashes; chill your chest after a workout and treat heat stress.  

Opal’s clinically tested Cool Wrap delivers soothing 58° therapy for menopause, MS, and heat stress.

The Cool Wrap has been shown to dramatically reduce hot flashes in most women by up to 75% after four weeks of use.  Wear twice a day, for an hour, to alleviate hot flashes and night sweats. The Cool Wrap is a safe, drug-free alternative to hormone replacement therapy.  It’s also a safe and natural cool therapy for breast cancer survivors and chemo-induced menopause. The Cool Wrap also provides soothing relief for MS and heat stress. 

Lee added, “I am passionate about helping people live their best lives. That’s why I founded Opal and Onyx — to create wearable therapies for active lifestyles. I launched this company at the beginning of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic. Despite the obstacles we have all faced in the past year, we’re still making the coolest products around. Not to mention, we proudly manufacture our products in Red Wing, Minnesota because of the quality and commitment of the workers here. We’ve been able to attract employees who spent their careers manufacturing America’s iconic brands like Red Wing boots and Riedell skates – so we have the right team and talent to make high-quality, wearable products like Opal and Onyx Cool.”

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