Oka-B, Shoes Made In America at a Women Led Company

Finding a good pair of shoes is hard to do. Finding a good pair of shoes that are Made In America can be even harder. There are options out there; one being, Oka-B

Oka-B Sandals

Oka-B is a women-led company that began as a perfect Spa shoe, integrating the principles of reflexology and ergonomics for ultimate comfort. Today the line has expanded to dozens of styles and colors that bring joy to your feet every day. 

All Oka-Bs are made with love in Buford, GA. Basing and creating their products off the belief that good health begins from the foot up. 

These shoes feature arch support, slip resistance, non-marking, and soothing massage beads. They are also washable, yes, that means they are waterproof, colorfast, and absolutely washable.

Oka-B is made in Buford, GA, but where is the material sourced? In America! It is a Vegan bio-based material, that is eco-friendly and made to order to reduce any environmental impact.

Prioritizing being Made In America, providing Americans with jobs, and making a product that is better for the environment is what Oka-B has accomplished. Partnering with organizations like Soles4Souls to give shoes to survivors of natural disasters and micro-entrepreneurs in the developing world who are looking to escape poverty. Providing relief by distributing new shoes and clothing all over the U.S. and around the world.


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