Safety in Workplace– NASP is Prepared for Resurgence of Manufacturing Industries with a Striking Value Proposition

In spite of the continued pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, US manufacturing sources are predicting slow, steady growth for the coming quarters. American safety solutions company, North American Safety Products, is poised and ready to meet the expected increase in demand for machine guarding, fall protection and expandable barriers that protect manufacturing employees, their customers and visitors from injury.

With capital purchase spending expected to remain tight, and concerns over any additional purchasing still high, it has never been more important to evaluate value and ROI. James Pfeiffer, CEO of North American Safety Products (NASP) pointed out, “Safety barriers are an essential part of any manufacturing environment, or any environment where there are people for that matter. Our story hasn’t changed when it comes to ROI. And here’s why: The average cost of a safety barrier is typically about 1/1000th of the cost of an accident. Even with the best insurance, a business simply should not take that risk, and those that do come to regret it.” Resources, such as the OSHA website, acknowledge these costs. And the costs
are even greater when you consider how injuries effect production and personnel.

“Our in-stock, portable, expandable barriers provide safety on the ready for under $380. These are very popular and offer a low-cost solution to unexpected hazardous situations,” added Pfeiffer. “They are an inexpensive insurance policy.”

Optimism remains high as some companies explore regional manufacturing hubs to effectively mitigate risk while expanding. NASP’s expandable barriers, wire partition systems, loading dock guards and safety rails can help ensure safety while keeping operating costs in check.

Many organizations have taken time during the pandemic to reengineer systems and processes. NASP spent their time preparing for the demand as industry recovers and flow of people traffic increases. A recently acquired facility with increased capacity, increased inventory of in-stock safety barriers and greater capacity for manufacturing of custom barriers are just a few of NASP’s investments.

“We have seen these fluctuations more than once over the past 25 years and know that, as manufacturing comes back, the demand will spike – and we wanted to be ready,” shared Pfeiffer.

NASP has provided solutions for notable organizations, such as NASA, Ford Motor Company, US Steel, MGM Grand Resorts and Casinos, as well as many others.

You can learn more about NASP and their American made products at, or by calling 800-475-6946.

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