North American Safety Products thrives during COVID as a Woman-owned business

North American Safety Products has been in the business of making safetyLas Vegas North American Safety Products barrier and gating products for about twenty-five years now. Founded in 1996, it was founded with one simple and very useful product, the VERSA-GUARD®. A product that can be found blocking store aisles for fork truck access and workers sanitizing areas in your typical home improvement stores across the nation. It is a lightweight barricade weighing 25#. It is used as a physical and visual pedestrian deterrent and is manufactured from aluminum and steel that is sourced and Made In America.

Founded in 1996 by Marty Mobeck, North American Safety Products is now owned and managed by the second generation.  After a long career with IBM in the early days of computers, Mr. Mobeck retired from IBM and in 1995 started bringing his new company and the VERSA-GUARD® to fruition.  In 2010 Marty fell ill and soon passed, and it was up to his daughter to take on the company torch or let it go. 

This was a big decision for Mr. Mobeck’s daughter, Nichole Pfeiffer, as her immediate interests did not exactly lie in this field. She, however, was not about to let her father’s legacy die, so she stepped up and is now the President of North American Safety Products. When Nicole Pfeiffer took her place at North American Safety Products as the President in 2010, her husband Jim Pfeiffer took on the role of CEO. Making the company a woman-owned that is recognized and certified by WBENC.

The VERSA-GUARD® during COVID 19 has seen an incredible increase in sales as municipalities, airports, schools, and metro stations have all found this light-weight, highly visible, and versatile product to be exactly what was needed when it comes to marking off areas that are being sanitized or to help with pedestrian traffic flow. 

North American Safety Products VERSA-GUARD®Over the years, new products were introduced such as the Restrict-Guard® and the Rear-Guard®. The Restrict-Guard® is a basic Modular Wire Mesh Panel and Post System. It provides modular protection and access control to sensitive work zones and equipment. These systems can be installed in a wide variety of configurations or designs depending on the needs of your organization. It is very user-friendly as all the products you find at North American Safety Products. The Rear-Guard® is a machine guarding system designed and engineered to provide a higher level of worker protection behind many processing machineries to reduce exposure to dangerous and potentially fatal work zones. 

FLECTOR-GuardA recent new product release that has also helped in various types of operations is the FLECTOR-GUARD®. The latest product in a quality line of professionally designed, expanding barricades. FLECTOR-GUARD® provides an ideal temporary barrier to protect employees and customers from potentially dangerous situations with its light-reflective attributes.

All of the products made at North American Safety Products are manufactured with no pinch-points, are OSHA regulated, and can be custom manufactured to each consumer’s specification and color.

When it comes to making these products, “Being made in the USA has been one of the most important features of the Versa-Guard® and all of the products made at North American Safety Products. “So many knockoffs, of a much lower quality, have been produced by China and other international competitors have made it into our market that is already domestically competitive in cost. The quality of the overseas product is quite noticeable to the consumer once they remove it from the box, a deficiency you will not see in the North American Safety Product lineup,” says Nicole Pfeiffer.

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